Apparently the Obama administration is working on another “fix” to the HHS mandate

CNN is reporting that Obama administration will propose a “fix” to the HHS Mandate today. According to the report, this “fix” would be for religious employers only.

Here’s the CNN story:

Religiously affiliated organizations will be able to opt out of providing their employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives under updates to an Obama administration mandate that the Department of Health and Human Services is expected to unveil on Friday, according to two sources….

If an institution opts out of paying for contraceptive coverage, individual employees will get coverage through a third entity. That separate exchange, said the source, would be paid for by the insurance company.

Based on these early details, it looks like this “fix” is another phony accommodation. Private business owner rights will still be violated. Stay tuned for more…



  • Scott W.

    So instead of the convenience store forced to sell beer to the teenager directly, the teenager gets a “third entity” (an adult) to buy the beer for him?



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