Archbishop: I will be Marching For My Brother Born With Downs Syndrome



kurtz1This week, we march.

The reason we march is simple – life.  And yet if you asked a thousand people at the March for Life why they are there, you might easily get a thousand different answers – from mothers, fathers, children, students, advocates, politicians, priests, survivors…all who see the beauty of life in a unique way.

And isn’t that the beauty of life?  That it’s such a gift in so many different ways?

Just ask Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, leader of the Archdiocese of Louisville and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

For the archbishop, there’s an especially beautiful reason to take part in the March for Life.  That reason is named Georgie.  He’s the archbishop’s brother, and he was born. 

Yes, in a world where nine out of ten babies with Down Syndrome are aborted, being born is an accomplishment.

Archbishop Kurtz also reminds us of some of the other reasons we march:

I plan to join the gathering in Washington for several reasons. We march in memory of those lost to abortion. We march for the voiceless children to defend their right to life – especially for those like my brother Georgie, born with Down syndrome, whose lives all too often are deemed unworthy to see the light of day.

We march for the women considering abortion, that in our concern for their needs, they will find the strength to choose life. We march in solidarity with post-abortive mothers, working toward the day when no more women will endure what they have. And we march in thanksgiving for the courageous birth mothers who, despite many odds, have given their children the gift of life and an adoptive family to raise them.

For all of Archbishop Kurtz’s article, see here.

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