Archbishop Pelosi riffs on Catholic theology again

Sorry, did I say Archbishop? I meant to say House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

I mean, it’s an easy mistake, consider that she’s something of an expert on all things Catholic.

And so when President Obama announced that he’s now officially a supporter of same-sex marriages, just like he was in 1996, you knew that Pelosi would weigh in on this one.

So, did she say that the while gays deserve our respect, the unique role of marriage should be reserved for the union of one man and one woman?

Of course not.

Did she go the Mario Cuomo route and say that she personally believes marriage is a union of one man and one woman but she cannot “impose” this view on society because it has to be a “religious” view?

Of course not.

No, Archbi… er.. I mean… Minority Leader Pelosi said it was in fact her Catholic faith that compelled her to support same-sex marriages.

“My religion has, compels me–and I love it for it–to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this a form of discrimination. I think it’s unconstitutional on top of that. “

Obviously! The Catholic faith compels you to fight in favor of gay marriage…

As we all know, these words will again cause division among the Catholic faithful. People will rightly say that this person is causing great scandal. She is in fact one of the highest ranking Catholics in the country and she publicly supports legal abortion and same-sex marriage — using her Catholic faith as justification. (And this week’s news got it started by our “Catholic” Vice President.)

Her Archbishop will likely address the media (again) and instruct his flock that Pelosi is in error and then explain what is the correct Catholic teaching.

Of course this will not stop people clamoring for her to be excommunicated. An despite hundreds of emails from people quoting me Canon 915, I remain no expert in Canon Law.

But I do have to wonder: What exactly would a person have to say or do until a bishop finally says, “You know, why don’t you find another church?”



  • Derek

    Someone should ask her if she is in favor of prostitution. After all if we can do with our bodies anything we wish she should be for that right? I’ll bet she could even justify THAT sin with her twisted logic.

    She has sold out any belief she had in our faith for her own political gain. She is a modern day Judas.

  • Midget

    I wish the Bishops would speak out publically in regards to Nancy Pelosi. Just because she is a politician does not give her a right to create her own religion and expect all the rest of Catholics to let her speak on our behalf. When a person speaks out of turn no matter where their faith or belief comes from should be held responsible for being accurate. If she claims herself to be Catholic she should espouse the true faith and not her version and she should be silenced publically when she has spoken in the wrong direction. If she had been a Girl Scout and spoke out about a Boy joining the group I would hope that the Girl Scout Head Quarters would defend it’s charter by expressing the origination of that group and it’s purpose. The fact is these groups have laws and rules that were created that set them seperate from other groups and when you join you are expected to follow those rules. Just like when she took office in the house she is expected to follow the constitution. Religious Liberty happens to be the number one rule. She apparently can’t follow anything that she joins whether it be the job she has been sworn into or the Church she was baptized at. Someone should point out that she needs to try to figure out why she sees these things as important if she is not following the rules. Just who does she hold her allegiance to??????Apparently not God or her country.



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