Are all football coaches perverts?

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky (left) is accused of sexually abusing a minor. Head coach Joe Paterno (right) did not call the police, but did the legal minimum by reporting the accusation to his superiors. The law required his superiors to report any accusation to the police, but they didn't.

If a mom sees an college athletic director at an airport, should she shield her son’s eyes? If a football coach says hello to your boy, should you bark at him: “Get away, you monster!”

And should we call every follower (fan) of Penn State University an accomplice to this evil? Should we ask PSU students and alumni why they support an organization that condones child rape?

Of course not! That was be a ridiculous overreaction. And it would be cruel and unfair.

In light of the horrific scandal coming from Penn State University, can we now come to an appropriate reaction to the sexual abuse of minors?

It is a unspeakable crime when anyone gets sexually abused, especially a child. Sometimes this barbaric evil gets compounded because adults fail to report the crime to the authorities.

Right now there are probably some Penn State University fans who have loved Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions football team for decades. They surely want to believe that these accusations couldn’t possibly be true. (The evidence, however, looks very damning.)

There were surely some Catholics who didn’t want to believe the sex-abuse stories when they first came to light.

And yes, there was media bias against the Church. And yes, this awful crime is not limited to Catholic priests. And now we know that cover-ups are not exclusive to the Catholic Church.

But the Catholic Church frankly deserved a considerable amount of scorn for the horrific cover-up and the shuffling of predators. Just as people are outraged at Penn State officials today. (Though, it should be noted that the shuffling of predator priests happened mostly in 1970s, whereas this Penn State allegation was first reported to Coach Joe Paterno in 2002 — the same year the Boston Globe uncovered the sex-abuse scandal in Boston.

Nevertheless, given all that we have learned about the size and scope of abuse, we as a society should now come to a proper understanding of this unspeakable evil.

Pedophiles and pederasts who prey on young children will seek out occupations where they have an opportunity to abuse children. These people will work hard to become religious ministers, bus drivers, high school coaches, amusement park employees, and scout masters.

This does not mean we should treat every football coach, priest, or bus driver like he’s a pervert.

But it does mean that we must be vigilant. We must have safeguards in place to reduce the possibility of abuse. Like anyone who is accused of a crime, we should treat them as innocent until proven guilty. But we must also never simply dismiss any accusation out of hand.

Keep your guard up, protect your children, treat everyone fairly, and report every accusation to the authorities.



  • Tom Crowe

    If only football coaches were allowed to get married… That would solve everything.


  • Jack

    \\No, but homosexual pedophiles are certainly perverts.\\

    Remember, Coach Sandusky was married. What you should say is “heterosexually married pedophiles are certainly perverts.” But that would be wrong, too.

    First off, homosexuality is NOT the same thing as pedophilia (or bestiality or necrophilia or transexuality or intersexuaslity for that matter, though a lot of people who don’t know better conflate them all together, saying, “They’re all like that.”)

    Next, mental health professionals who work with pedophiles do not use the term “homosexual pedophile” or “heterosexual pedophile.” But again, light in this dark corner means nothing to a lot of people.

    Instead, they speak of “regressed pedophiles” and “fixated pedophiles.” The latter are people who never grew up in their psychosexual development, but remained (inside) on a childish level. The former slipped backwards (for lack of a better word).

    None of this excuses the sexual or other abuse of children.

    But using improper terminology doesn’t help matters.

    • Peter

      There are lots of married homosexuals. I know several who were married but who are now divorced. All, in fact most, homosexuals do not break the law by assaulting underage males.

      Generally the people who assault underage males, however, are homosexual. The problem is ephebophilia and not, as the “psychologists” and press prefer “pedophilia” (you really can’t say homosexuality is the root cause of anything except discrimination against homosexuals in either psychology or the press) which involves very young children and babies. There are, indeed, pedophiles but that has not been the vast majority of the clerical problem nor is it the problem of Mr. Sandusky, who has allegedly exhibited ephebophilic homosexual criminal tendencies and activity.

    • Bruce

      Well, Jack, a man who performs oral sex on teenaged boys and sodomizes them, like Sandusky and many priests/brothers at St. Johns in Minnesota (allegedly), that would be male on male homosexual activity. The fact that the victims are underage smacks of ephebophilia and pedophilia. So, if you really are interested in being accurate, Sandusky and the offending priests/brothers of St. Johns are “homosexual ephebophiles and pedophiles.”



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