Arkansas Passes Most Restrictive Abortion Law in the Nation

Overriding a veto by the state’s Democratic governor, the Arkansas state legislature has passed a law that would ban most abortions after the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Just last week, the Arkansas legislature had overcome another veto by Governor Mike Beebe to pass a law that bans most abortions after 20 weeks.  That law took effect immediately when the veto was overridden.  The newer law banning abortions after 12 weeks takes effect this summer.


The size of an unborn baby at 12 weeks

Notably, six Democrats in the Republican-led Arkansas legislature voted to override the veto of the 12-week ban.  Last week, only two Democrats voted to override the veto of the 20-week ban.

The new law includes exemptions for rape, incest, the life of the mother and highly lethal fetal disorders.

Not surprisingly, pro-abortion advocates have promised to take the issue to court and to have the law declared unconstitutional before it goes into effect.

Rita Sklar, the executive director of ACLU of Arkansas, said her group planned to file suit in federal court in the next couple weeks.

It will be interesting to see how far up the court system this one goes.

Could this be the beginning of the end of Roe v. Wade?

We can only hope.



  • jgbech

    Governor Dalrymple of North Dakota recently signed the most restrictive abortion law which makes it a crime to perform an abortion if the fetus is detected after six weeks of pregnancy. That law would virtually elliminate abortions since many women don’t know they are pregnant within the first six weeks.

  • Mark Polo

    I imagine that Arkansas is going to need money to be able to defend this in court. It’s not a very rich state, and especially without the governor’s support, they’re going to need either a very good pro bono legal team, or a lot of donations from people who are concerned about life.



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