At the Gates: City of Chicago allows Gay Liberation Network to protest outside Cathedral on St. Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (a Catholic) signed a civil unions bill into law which gives same-sex couples all the legal privileges that married couples enjoy in that state. CatholicVote President Brian Burch explained a couple months ago how Gov. Quinn strong-armed the legislation through the lame duck session.

Local gay activists do not see yesterday’s signing as the end of their efforts, rather it marks the beginning of their push for gay marriage, they say.

To that end, the Gay Liberation Network (GLN), together with the ACLU, has organized a protest outside of Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral on February 13th (St. Valentine’s Day) at 10:30AM, just in time to greet Catholics arriving for the 11AM Mass celebrated by Cardinal George.

If you think this is already unsavory, trust me – it gets far, far worse:

The city of Chicago has told the protestors in advance that the city will not enforce an ordinance which has previously been invoked during protests near places of worship.

Yes, you read that right: the city of Chicago has promised to ignore its own ordinance in the case of this gay activist protest. By comparison, last year the city of Chicago did enforce this ordinance against protestors in front of the Scientology Church.

The Gay Liberation Network website offers handbills and posters which feature Cardinal George’s face, and misses no opportunity to maligne Cardinal George and the Catholic Church. GLN claims Cardinal George “normally works behind the scenes to get his way” and “is trying to impose a medieval ‘natural law’ marriage definition on the whole of society” … “‘natural law’ categorizes some people as … ‘abnormal’ and ‘unhealthy’ and even ‘demonic.”

Yes, GLN is claiming that Cardinal George is promoting a type of medieval philosophy that sees homosexuals as demonic. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s another quote by GLN:

For leaders of an institution as officially sex-negative, as well as unofficially sex-abusive, as the Catholic Church to be opining on “sexual complementarity” makes as much sense as Illinois politicians holding forth on the topic of fiscal responsibility.

GLN goes even farther than claiming the Catholic Church is “sex-negative” and “sex-abusive” … they are also targeting the Church’s means of providing social services:

For too long, anti-LGBT organizations like the Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army have been taking in millions of tax dollars from taxpayers, gay and non-gay alike, with no legally binding commitments to equality in employment and service provision.”

So GLN is not only organizing protests against Catholics who dare to follow the Church’s teaching, they are explicitly focused on penalizing Catholics who conduct social ministry though these charities. Here is what GLN claims its Feb 13 protest is organized to secure:

1. Oppose the anti-LGBT bigotry of the Catholic hierarchy; support the many pro-equal rights Catholics organizing for change within the denomination

2. Demand full equal marriage rights in Illinois

3. Demand that tax dollars no longer go to tax-exempt religious groups that refuse to commit to equal rights for LGBT people.

In other words, GLN intends to 1. dismantle and change the identity of the Church, 2. redefine marriage in our society, and 3. defund our Church’s charitable initiatives.

Once again we Catholics are confronted with a basic truth: the end goal of gay activists such as the Gay Liberation Network is simply contradictory to the continued existence and health of the Church as we know it. We have to make a decision to stand up for our rights to be Catholic in the full sense of the word, to listen to the leadership of our bishops, be guided by their authority, to preserve the meaning of marriage, and to support the freedom of our social services to continue ministering to those in need.

Therefore I call on local Catholics to attend the 11AM Mass at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago and to pray for the conversion of those who choose to remain outside the Church’s love and compassion.

UPDATE: AmP reader Ryan writes: “You can complain to the City of Chicago at this link.”

May the Holy Name of Jesus be praised and honored, now and forever!



  • Portent

    Selective enforcement of the law is probably condemned in many religious freedom documents to which the US is a signatory, right?

    The removal of effective police protection in the 1960s caused a crime spike that drove many Catholics out of the major cities (where churchgoing Catholics were getting too powerful for the establishment’s liking). They’re doing it again.

  • Michael

    Maybe they can stop in for a Yoga class as long as they are at the Cathedral.



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