Attacks on Susan G. Komen Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Real Face [Updates & Video]

How revealing this fight over Susan G. Komen’s defunding of Planned Parenthood is!

Wesley J. Smith asks exactly the right question: “Abortion Matters More Than Fighting Breast Cancer to Liberals?”

So it would seem. Various Democrats like Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) are boycotting Susan G. Komen over this decision. Howard Dean is encouraging corporate sponsors to punish Komen. Welcome to the real face of the pro-abortion movement: bullying liars. They immediately and viciously throw Komen under the bus simply for ceasing to give them money (and their seal of approval).

One of the main lies being pushed by pro-aborts is the claim that women will go without care now. Nonsense. Planned Parenthood never provided the services that Komen contracted through them in the first place. The founder of Komen, Nancy G. Brinker explains in a moving video released today (please click on the link and LIKE the video!) that no woman will experience a gap in Komen’s services. A friend with inside knowledge wrote to me:

…[Planned Parenthood does] not provide essential life-saving screening mammography. They instead refer women to hospitals for those services. But there’s no way of knowing how many women actually follow through and receive a mammogram, which makes measuring impact very difficult.

A better granting model would be to invest in grants with the actual service provider whenever possible, which is exactly what Komen has done with its new strategy…

In other words, Planned Parenthood wasn’t giving women mammograms in the first place, as LiveAction exposed some time ago. Komen simply chose to cut out the middleman (Planned Parenthood) and instead directly support hospitals that actually provide life-saving services.

All of which reminds us of another lie: that Planned Parenthood is about protecting and promoting women’s health. Sue Thayer, who worked for Planned Parenthood for 20 years, exposes that lie in the Washington Times today.

Jill Stanek has more of the inside story on what led Komen to make it’s decision. But as I wrote yesterday, we need to stay focused on two main things: thanking Komen and exposing Planned Parenthood.

Also, important to note: Komen has also promised to stop funding embryonic stem cell research centers, a promise I believe.

Let’s keep up the positive pressure on Komen and push back against the pro-abort lies. If Planned Parenthood thought last year was their worst they are in for bigger surprises this year!

UPDATE — Proabort activists hacked the Komen website yesterday, according to pop culture web site Mediate, inserting the phrase “Help us run over poor women on our way to the bank.” What a stupid stunt. Women who are fighting for the end of breast cancer should be outraged.

UPDATE 2 — Watch liberal MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interview Susan G. Komen founder Nancy Brinker. Andrea barely lets Nancy speak. Then Andrea interviews two liberal pro-abortion Senators (Boxer and Murray).

The best part of the interview is when Nancy says the feedback Komen has received has been “favorable” to their decision (or words to that effect) — THIS IS HUGE! It means we’re winning the email war. Please email with the subject line “Thank You for Defunding Planned Parenthood!” and keep up the positive momentum.

Here’s the interview:

UPDATE 3: — donations to Komen are up 100% since they cut ties with Planned Parenthood!



  • MLF

    I posted the graphic from the article on Facebook, oddly one of my gay friends ‘liked’ it. I guess Planned Parenthood is finding it harder and harder to fool people into thinking that they are pro-woman as opposed to pro-abortion.

  • Mlf

    Ummm…all over!

    But you are probably right, better to kill the children that might be unwanted like say…Steve Jobs. Let’s start a test run of the concept on unwanted dogs and cats. Maybe you could help out and start a ‘rescue’ organization for children like they have for our furry friends.

  • Matt

    I take it by the tone of this post that one cannot be a political liberal AND a Roman Catholic?

  • Mary

    Vow for Mitt!!!! He is the serioius answer to our Christian faith – He’ll bring change to the country forever and for good! He’ll help us withstand pressure from the extremists. Breast cancer is not what we are afraid of; Losing faith in God is. Death is just the way to get closer to God. What’s wrong with it? You need to review your faith if you are afraid of death.

    • MLF


  • Greg Panfile

    Given that this site has endorsed Santorum, and given his policies on Israel and abortion, and noting the reactions of Jeffrey Goldberg and Michael Bloomberg to this controversy, I took the liberty of looking up what abortion law is in Israel. I found this at Wikipedia:

    “Circumstances under which abortion is legal

    The termination committee approves abortions, under sub-section 316a,[1] in the following circumstances:

    The woman is younger than seventeen (the legal marriage age in Israel) or older than forty.
    The pregnancy was conceived under illegal circumstances (rape, statutory rape etc.), an incestuous relationship, or outside of marriage.
    The fetus may have a physical or mental birth defect.
    Continued pregnancy may put the woman’s life in risk, or damage her physically or mentally.

    In practice, most requests for abortion are granted, and leniency is shown especially under the clause for emotional or psychological damage to the pregnant woman. ”

    We send Israel billions in cash and military aid on a yearly basis.

    So let’s hear it, pro-life conservatives who support Israel. Do we cut them off? Make them change their laws? Or is that somehow fine?


  • Gerry

    Abortion is Murder! When we kill the pre-born and conceive life in a test tube just to kill it off and harvest ‘stem’ cells to preserve our own lives, we prove we are not worthy of the ‘life’ we were given.



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