Attitude of Gratitude

“You know Uncle Jim the differences in the two political parties in America could actually serve to compliment each other and lift up this country. Both parties are excellent at their gifts in serving this great nation. It is time for the bickering and hate to stop and get back to the work of fixing this country. The evil that plagues this nation is ingratitude. And I for one am going to spend the rest of my time hear on earth thanking God for everyone and everything in this country! Especially the ones that God has so “rich”ly blessed! It is time to stop pitting one person against the other. One group against the other. The negativity and hate is too heavy to carry. We need to cast it off and sincerely pray for one another. Thank you Lord Jesus for my Uncle Jim, I love him. I thank you also Father God for so richly blessing him in health and prosperity! Continue Holy Spirit to guide and protect him under your wings! St Joseph and Mary pray for and preserve us!”

I sent this to my great Uncle Jim, my grandfathers brother. He’s a “…” and has been his whole life. He sends me news clips from the internet blaming the opposing party for all that is wrong in the world. It kind of reminds me of a co-dependent wife who complains about her alcoholic husband to the liquor store cashier while buying his whiskey.

The blame and the lack of encouragement and gratitude is tiresome to say the least. When ever the day seems over whelming, gloomy, and down right destructive, I (sometimes have to force myself) turn my eyes upward and start thanking God. Thanking Him for everything! Thanking Him for the sun that is behind the storm clouds, the storm, the destruction of the storm, and the ability to learn how to repair the damage that was done by the storm.

Focusing on each others gifts and talents lifts us all up.  This is hard at first, but give it a try.  Especially when life is at a serious tipping point.   This takes some practice.  God is always there encouraging us and very gently pointing out the opportunities to praise Him.  They are endless.

When having trouble knowing where to start, start with what you know.  If you know how to whistle, whistle for God.  If you like Rock N Roll, switching a few words, there are an endless number of songs that can be sung to God.  Being quiet is a perfect way of praising God.  (Being the mom of a large family, it’s the quiet praising that I enjoy!)

Seeing the gifts and praising God for all that He has blessed our country with, starts with changing our minds.  It starts with a moment of praise.  Before we know it, the day will be filled with praise!  Gratitude makes up for a multitude of sins.  God our Father will move, He will move in a glorious and awesome way.

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Here is a little song to fill you heart.

Thank you Josh for giving me this opportunity to serve CV and God and Country!  Thank you Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!  I love you!



  • tz1

    Aside from the superficial, like the fans for footbal or baseball, what differences are there? Start wars, have a prison for people without charges and trial at gitmo. Torture. Assassinate. Sanctions. Deregulation for the big, burdensome for the small. Send jobs to foreign lands. Do little about illegal immigration while raping people boarding airplanes for ‘homeland security’. Proclaim ‘state secret’ when challenged. Persecute whistleblowers. Throw taxpayer dollars lavishly at wall street and never charge anyone with fraud or other crimes. Massive government healthcare initiatives to benefit big corporate med. Telecom immunity for illegal wiretaps.

    Have the federal police rush to Florida and rescue that poor victim instead of waiting for the courts,… oops, that was Elian Gonzales under Clinton.

    Campaigns are like the superbowl with one side chanting pro-life, traditional marriage!, and the other chanting choice!, with nothing changing, well maybe at the margins.

    Cooperation? Bipartisanship. There is far too much.

    • Christie Schilling

      Thank you so much for commenting! I admit I was not being clear to what I meant by differences in gifts. None of the things you mentioned pertain to the gifts that either party offers our country. I will blog about this next time. Your point is taken, but it does not pertain to what I mean by gifts. I meant God given gifts. You, for example, have been given a unique gift by our creator to be used for the betterment of man and for the glory of God. I am sure that you are using your gifts to the fullest of your ability and God is working with you on a moment by moment basis to develop them. What God needs is your cooperation to do this, your free will, given to you as a gift from God. If you refuse to cooperate, our world suffers a significant loss. There is nothing superficial about God given gifts. They are significant and powerful.



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