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Sir Thomas More for Our Seasons

An argument could be made that the world ended when Henry VIII had Thomas More executed.  Or, perhaps, in less drastic terms, the “modern world” began on July 6, 1535.  What was left of the worl... More

What a Rush: the USCCB and Neil Peart!

A break from the voting part of Catholic Vote for a moment. . . . I participated in a wonderful conference this past week.  Sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education (Larry Reed, the anti... More

The Catholic in the World–as T.S. Eliot Saw It

In the 1920s, the greatest of twentieth-century poets, T.S. Eliot, converted to Christianity, becoming a communicant in the Church of England.  To say that this shocked the poetic, literary, and art ... More

Stealing Spock’s Brain, or Why I Despise the Music of Marty Haugen

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the second Vatican Council, and it seems more than time to assess--as honestly and objectively as possible--the teachings and results of this... More

Please Consider Signing This Petition: Georgetown

Professor Patrick Deneen, founder of the Tocqueville Forum, Professor of Government at Georgetown, transitioning this summer to the U. of Notre Dame, has requested that we find as many Americans as po... More

St. George and the English New Jerusalem

Today is the feast of one the most profoundly mythic saints in Christian history, St. George, destroyer of dragons, protectors of maidens, and guardian of the realm of England.  Being an Anglophile s... More

The Most Religiously Tolerant Law of the 17th Century

Preparing for some forthcoming lectures, I came across (again, but had never typed out) the far-reaching and profound Maryland Act of Toleration, passed on April 21 in 1649. I might be wrong about ... More

An Easter Bearers of the Word: Classical Guitarist Kevin McCormick

A blessed Easter to all CatholicVote readers.  For the glorious conclusion of this liturgical year’s Triduum, we have a very special “Bearers of the Word,” an interview with a truly excellent m... More

Bearers of the Word: The Incomparable Mike Church

I don’t think I could exaggerate my respect for conservative (small “r” republican) radio host Mike Church as a person and as a personality.  A man of immense tenacity, curiosity, and intellige... More

Catholic Philosopher Nate Schlueter on Libertarianism

A few months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Nate Schlueter regarding his work on Wendell Berry here at CV.  Nate has just published a thought-provoking essay (of course, everything Nate wri... More



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