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LSD in Mass? The Dramatic Fall of JUBILEE.

Yesterday, I examined the decline of Commonweal from the 1920s through the 1970s, the magazine serving as a reflection of the radicalization of American Catholic culture.  Today, I offer a similar ex... More

Commonweal–Indicator of Catholic Cultural Change, 1920s-1970s

Catholic periodicals blossomed in the first half of the twentieth century in the United States.  Allen Sinclair Will of Columbia University’s School of Journalism praised the “vigor” of Catholi... More

Bearers of the Word: Mary Moorman

Mary Moorman is one of the most interesting persons I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. A native Texan, she graduated from Hillsdale a year or two after I arrived.  During the brief time we over... More

A Humane Economy

If you're interested in a deep and rich discussion regarding the economy and humanity from a non-ideological perspective, look no further than this excellent one-hour discussion yesterday between Mike... More

Bearers of the Word: An Interview with Dan McCarthy

With this third entry in our “Bearers of the Word” series, I’m deeply honored to speak with my friend and ally, Dan McCarthy, one of the foremost thinkers and editors in the conservative movemen... More

Nate Schlueter and the Post-modern, anti-modern wonder, Wendell Berry

Simply put, Dr. Nate Schlueter is one of the finest men I know.  He's a model father, husband, community leader, writer, and scholar.  Hillsdale College and any and every one of us associated with t... More

Bearers of the Word: Jef Murray

I’ve been a fan of Jef Murray and his work for quite awhile, as he’s very well known in Catholic and Tolkienian artistic circles.  Only in the last year, however, have I gotten to know him.  We ... More

A New Ordinariate: Anglicans and Episcopalians Fully Welcome

I'm sure many of you saw this news yesterday, and it's been in the making for several years--but it's worth re-posting here at CatholicVote.  The second Ordinariate, as originally envisioned and auth... More

Bearers of the Word: Gerald Russello

Happy New Year, CatholicVoters! On Christmas eve, I arrived at our parish a little over an hour before mass.  My oldest son was serving (he likes to set things up well ahead of time; he gets his O... More

As the first day of Hanukkah nears its end. . .

I love what Hanukkah commemorates, and this is one of my favorite passages from scripture.  May we as Catholics never forget the spirit or strength of our Maccabean ancestors. From the First Book ... More



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