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A Conservative/Humane Foreign Policy

Winston Elliott, President of Houston's Center for the American Republic, and I had an excellent hour speaking with the ever-brilliant Mike Church on his post-show radio program this morning. Faith... More

A Conservative/Just War Foreign Policy

Over at the Imaginative Conservative, the editor, Winston Elliott, has presented an admirable case for a conservative foreign policy.  I think it is excellent.  And, while Catholics are obviousl... More

The True End of the Republic?

Today—or some day in the very near vicinity—might very well be remembered by future historians as the day the United States became a republic in name only.  Today might very well be the day histo... More

Procreate with Pride

A few weeks ago, the world population rushed past the 7,000,000,000 mark.   Across Twitter, tweets raged about so many mouths to feed, so many little humans to sustain with so few resources. On F... More

Tragedy and Beauty: The Feast of St. Cecilia

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, I've posted a piece on the symbolic significance of today, November 22, the Feast of St. Cecilia, martyr and musician. May her beauty save Western Civilization... More

Remembering my Father, Harry, 1934-1967

I was born at the end of the so-called “summer of love” on September 6, 1967, in the seemingly idyllic rural town of Great Bend, Kansas.  In actuality, there was probably next to no “summer of ... More

The Critical Need for Liberal Education; Or, why Rush Limbaugh should not have said what he said yesterday

Yesterday, as Christopher Perrin has reported it, Rush Limbaugh berated a person for having majored in “classical studies." Though I consider myself deeply ... More

From Aeneas to Batman: The Importance of Myth to Culture and History

Over at TIC, I've posted a long (9400 words!) piece on the meaning of myth and history.  It seems appropriate given that today is All Saints Day, a day in which the veil between this world and the ne... More

Happy Counter Reformation Day

For Protestants, today is a serious day (and it should be), the anniversary on which Martin Luther posted his 95 theses upon the cathedral door.  Of course, the 500th anniversary of the event is only... More

The real origins of Halloween

Mark Shea posted a link to this article this morning.  Fascinating read. More



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