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Catholics Encouraged by Unifying Papal Address to Congress

Catholic voters are proud to call themselves Catholic after today’s address by the Holy Father to Congress. The humble voice of the Pope called on our political leaders to rediscover a spirit of... More


Archbishop Cordileone Support Fund

I just got some distressing news. A massive media campaign funded by millionaire “Catholics” in San Francisco is gaining ground. Their goal: take control of the Catholic schools and remove ... More


We respectfully disagree

Immigration. What is a Catholic to think? We are called to welcome the stranger, but also to respect the law. We are morally bound to respect the dignity of every human person, but cannot create... More



Dear CV Friend, “It was just unsafe. I couldn't tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was.” That's what Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich told ABC 6 in Philadelphia. She couldn't work at a Planned P... More

Fixing single motherhood

Michael Brendan Dougherty writes about his experience growing up as the child of a single mother.  His story highlights the ongoing struggle of all single mothers, the challenges of marriage and fam... More

Justin Bieber calls Sistine Chapel ‘Sixteenth Chapel’

Add this to the impoverished American pop culture evidence file. Or maybe it's just a transparent attempt to boost the CV blog traffic on a Friday afternoon. While hosting the teenage pop sin... More

Glenn Beck: We are all Catholics now

Love him or hate him, the clip below from Glenn Beck about his recent visit to the Vatican is both provocative and interesting.  I'm not sure how much I make of the recent State Department listing of... More

[UPDATE] Unacceptable — former Vatican Ambassador, Prof. Robert George, others respond

[UPDATE: Over 118 national leaders (and counting), including university, college, seminary presidents, deans and board members, along with notable journalists, scholars and activists.  Updated letter... More

America, welcome to the “Chicago way” happens to be headquartered in Chicago, the windy city and the home of President Obama. In fact, the billion dollar re-election campaign offices for President Obama are just a few bl... More

Remembering September 11

The sobering memorials marking the tenth anniversary of September 11th will fill our televisions this weekend. A very humble and Christ-filled Protestant friend sent me this video today that is worth... More



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