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Five Questions with Samuel Gregg

In the heady days of the 1960's and the election of John F. Kennedy, Catholics finally felt a sense of belonging to the American experiment, while the Democratic Party offered a comfortable politi... More


“Can we have it all?” is the wrong question

Many years ago, I met an enchanting woman. Mamoo was in her 80s, with white hair, a face full of wrinkles and a figure that could envelope several grandchildren at once. Her expansive home with a ... More


What about 40 Days?

This piece from Christianity Today, chronicling the surge in pro-life activity around the country has been getting a lot of attention in the past few days. Among the contributing factors are new stat... More

dowton abbey

Downton Abbey: What English Protestants Can Teach American Catholics

Downton Abbey's fourth season starts this month… in Britain. Sigh. Yes, we have to wait until January to get our fill. So in order to whet our appetites while we wait, I thought I would off... More

mrs cuccinelli

Mrs. Cuccinelli: Why is Common Core asking about religion and other personal questions?

"Few people really know what is at stake in this election," said Teiro Cuccinelli, wife of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. "It is very important that we elect a governor who recognize... More



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