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Carson Holloway is a political scientist and the author of The Way of Life: John Paul II and the Challenge of Liberal Modernity (Baylor University Press), The Right Darwin? Evolution, Religion, and the Future of Democracy (Spence Publishing), and All Shook Up: Music, Passion and Politics (Spence Publishing), and the editor of a collection of essays entitled Magnanimity and Statesmanship (Lexington Books). His articles have appeared in the Review of Politics, Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, Perspectives on Political Science, and First Things. He is a regular contributor to the online journal The Public Discourse. Holloway was a 2005-06 William E. Simon Visiting Fellow in Religion and Public Life in the James Madison Program at Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Northern Illinois University in 1998.

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The Underground Thomist

Today in the Church we celebrate the memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church.   Thomas's legacy lives on, of course, in the lives and thought of the many Catholic ... More


Why Don’t We Hear More Sermons on Marriage and Contraception?

As Stephen White noted, Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is quite right to suggest that liberal institutions like the New York Times give far more evidence of being obsessed with same-sex marriage and cont... More


Four Reasons to Like “Frozen”

A couple of weeks ago I took the young Holloways to see Frozen, the new Disney family picture.  On second thought maybe I should say that they took me.  They had already seen it and wanted to see it... More


“Is the Lord to be thus repaid by you?” A Message from Deuteronomy

The morning prayer of the Church contains a canticle derived from the book of Deuteronomy that includes this striking passage: For I will sing the Lord's renown. Oh, proclaim the greatness of our ... More


“Girls” “Rage Spiral” Illustrates the Character of Contemporary Cultural Liberalism

According to Entertainment Weekly, a reporter asked a question at a press event that caused a "rage spiral" among some of the cast and creators of the HBO show Girls.  The reporter at issue basically... More

St Peters Basilica

A Lighthouse Doesn’t Move

Like Steve Skojec (you can read his excellent post here), I want to follow up on Emily Stimson's wonderful post bringing to light the late Paul Harvey's very interesting reflections on the importance ... More


Catholics, Liberal and Conservative

I definitely do agree with most of what Emily says in her post--"Two Words Catholics Need to Stop Using . . . Like Now."  And I definitely do not want to get into a game of "bait the redhead."  Neve... More


Phil the Merciful

The last week has seen an explosion of indignation at the remarks of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on homosexuality (he referred to it in the context of "sin").  A lot of this condemnation is misplac... More


Four Fun Short Films for Christmas

One of the enjoyable parts of the Christmas season is re-watching the great films that the season has inspired.  The best among these only get more enjoyable as they become more familiar from repeate... More


The Grinch and the Whos Versus Pope Benedict and Linus van Pelt

Dr. Seuss's Grinch has become--with Dickens's Ebeneezer Scrooge, on whom the Grinch seems to be based--an icon of anti-Christmas grouchy selfishness.  This despite the fact that both stories are abou... More



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