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Catholics for Romney-Ryan!

Mitt Romney made his choice. Today we are making ours. is proud to announce that we are enthusiastically endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 presidential race! T... More

A look at potential running mates for Mitt Romney

An announcement is expected any day now. Who do you think Mitt will pick as his Vice President? There are several prominent candidates believed to be on his shortlist. The ... More

CatholicVote Announces House Candidate Endorsements

The Candidate Fund announces the following endorsements for the U.S. House. Keith Rothfus did much better than expected in his 2010 race against Rep. Jason Altmire, D-PA, but fell... More

Cardinal George Reflects on ‘Chicago Values’

Chicago's native-born Archbishop Francis Cardinal George has employed his Cardinal's Network email-blast to make some blistering comments related to the notion of some that city government can determi... More

Will Courts Support a Ban on Chick-fil-A?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please join me in welcoming Jack Smith as a guest blogger to In theory, the Ninth Circuit already has. So as you know, politicians in Chicago and Boston threate... More Candidate Fund endorses Ted Cruz, Clark Durant for Senate

We're endorsing two more candidates for the U.S. Senate! Today we are urging each of our nearly 600,000 members to get behind Ted Cruz in Texas, and Clark Durant in Michigan -- both candidates seek... More

End the Obamacare tax on religion!

The HHS mandate is really a tax. And the IRS will levy this tax on every Catholic school, hospital, and soup kitchen in the United States. How much is this Obamacare tax? It's $100 per day, ... More

Dominican Sisters of Mary Issue Statement on SCOTUS Ruling

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Mother Mary Assumpta Long, O.P., the Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, ... More

RELEASE: Catholic Vote Critical in Quest to Repeal Obamacare

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28, 2012 Contact: Joshua Mercer, Catholic Vote Critical in Quest to Repeal Obamacare CHICAGO—Brian Burch, President of, issue... More

ACTION: Stand up for Traditional Marriage in Illinois

Same-sex marriage may become the law in Illinois this summer, without a single vote in the legislature or a single legal argument in court. The ACLU and Lambda Legal have brought the gay marriage b... More



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