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DeMint’s new post is a great fit

Editor's Note: Please welcome this brief guest post from my friend Andy Kirchoff. I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Jim DeMint's move to Heritage is unquestionably a good thing for th... More

New Video: This is Religious Freedom.

Is this the election that we’ll lose religious freedom in America? It will be --- if we fail to pray, educate, and mobilize our friends and fellow parishioners to vote. That’s why we’ve ma... More

Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith-Healthcare Harm: The Real Costs

Infographic #1: Obamacare's War on Faith: The Origins of Religious Freedom Infographic #2: Obamacare's War on Faith: How it Hurts the Underprivileged ... More

Infographic Series: Obamacare’s War on Faith- How it hurts the Underprivileged

Here is Infographic #1: Obamacare's War on Faith: The Origins of Religious Freedom... More

We stand with Richard Mourdock

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 24, 2012 Contact: Joshua Mercer, We Stand with Richard Mourdock CHICAGO - Joshua Mercer, Executive Director of the Candi... More

Subsidiarity, The Catholic Church, and Social Justice

Subsidiarity is a big idea from the Church. Hopefully our video can give you enough information to understand basically what it is and why it is important. But a few minutes is not enough time to ... More

Autocam & CatholicVote file lawsuit against Dept. HHS to fight mandate

For all media inquiries, please contact Kristina Hernandez, 703-373-0632, or Peter Robbio, 703-683-5004 ext. 116, Autocam Video... More

Cardinal Burke’s Election Year Prayer

Click here to download Cardinal Burke's Election Year Prayer Card PDF. 40 days. That’s all the time we have left to have an impact on the most important election of our lifetime. So much is a... More

Obama vs. Romney — The choice is clear

UPDATE: Download this Candidate Comparison as a printable flyer in Black & White,  Color, or in Spanish. The Research team has pored through the public statements and ... More



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