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Dan Flaherty

Dan Flaherty is a freelance writer living in southeastern Wisconsin with a passion for the Catholic Church, the pre-1968 Democratic Party, the city of Boston and the world of sports. He is the owner of TheSportsNotebook.com, and the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in late 1940s Boston.

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Pope Francis Syria

Military Strike In Syria Does Not Meet The Requirements Of Justice

The march to war—or at least limited military strikes in Syria has a brief respite, while the United States waits to see if a diplomatic effort from Russia will persuade Syrian president Bashar Assa... More


Border Security Must Be A Prerequisite For Immigration Reform

The debate on immigration reform continues to move forward in the U.S. Senate, and this continues to be an issue where I wonder what the problem is in coming up with a consensus. Most Americans, regar... More


ESPN Analyst Speaks For Faith In Jason Collins Coming Out

Most readers are undoubtedly aware of the announcement of NBA player Jason Collins that he’s a practicing homosexual, making him the first athlete in a major professional American team sport to publ... More

Unborn child

Is The Philadelphia Abortion Trial A Turning Point For Unborn?

The murder trial of Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell began back on March 18, and while the mainstream media has attempted a blackout on the topic, the horrors of what went on inside Gosnell’s... More


Johns Hopkins Becomes Latest Battleground On Same-Sex Marriage

There’s controversy brewing at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University over remarks made by designated commencement speaker Dr. Ben Carson. Already a noted critic of the Obama Administration, Carso... More

Catholic Church gun control

Why Gun Control Legislation Is Foundering

The gun control legislation that President Obama put forth in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy has foundered in the Senate. Before everyone rushes to blame (or credit, as may be the c... More

Cardinal Dolan

How The Church Can Reach Out To Gays & Lesbians In The Current Climate

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, made some blunt comments regarding the Catholic Church’s outreach to gays and lesbians this past week, telling reporters from ABC that “we haven’t been too good at that.... More

gay marriage

Where Does The Redefining Of Marriage End?

It seems you can’t go anywhere online or on television right now without seeing something about same-sex marriage. I suppose it’s logical enough, given the prominence the issue has as the Su... More

Gay marriage

Homosexuals Suffer Most From Denial Of Original Sin

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll is out showing that support for same-sex marriage has hit new highs. The same survey identifies the reason—62 percent of respondents considered homosexual desires... More

The North Dakota state legislature has set the stage for a legal showdown over Roe.

North Dakota Stands Up For Life; Girds For Legal Battle

The state legislature of North Dakota has stood up for fundamental human rights and on Friday passed two of the most far-reaching pro-life bills since Roe vs. Wade. No one knows whether Governor Jack ... More



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