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Dan Flaherty

Dan Flaherty is a freelance writer living in southeastern Wisconsin with a passion for the Catholic Church, the pre-1968 Democratic Party, the city of Boston and the world of sports. He is the owner of TheSportsNotebook.com, and the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in late 1940s Boston.

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The North Dakota state legislature has set the stage for a legal showdown over Roe.

How The Pro-Life Movement Is Using ObamaCare To Its Advantage

As the battle over ObamaCare has shifted the states, the focus of opponents has been to work against having states set up the insurance exchanges that would be used to implement the system. This is an... More

Cardinal Dolan

The Cardinal I Don’t Want To See Elected Pope

The Conclave of Cardinals will meet in March to choose the next pope. The media reports will be full of speculation of who’s going to get the nod as the successor of St. Peter, our link with Christ ... More

Is The Pro-Life Movement Responsible For Unwed Motherhood?

The debate over the question of values has been a prominent part of American politics since 1968 when the rise of the left-wing counterculture began the process of smothering the authentic voice of th... More

Preying On Fear: Planned Parenthood’s Manipulation Of Expectant Mothers

It won’t come as any shock to readers who are a part of the pro-life movement, but the results of a survey published in the book Aborted Women: Silent No More, provide more heartbreaking evidence th... More

Vatican II & The Legacy Of Pope Benedict XVI

What will the ultimate legacy be for Pope Benedict XVI? Well, the first answer is obvious—he’ll be the pope who broke centuries of tradition and stepped down from office, establishing a precedent ... More

Family Research Council Shooter Pleads Guilty–Is He The Only One?

[caption id="attachment_42390" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Floyd Corkins' politically motivated terror against the Family Research Council invites the question of whether others bear cu... More

Heartbeat Legislation Moves Forward In Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is on the move when it comes to defending the unborn and setting up the prospects for an eventual Supreme Court showdown that could drastically weaken or overturn Roe vs. Wade. T... More

Population Control Myths Explode In The Face Of Reality

For decades, the left-wing propaganda machine that disguises itself as “science” has been lecturing the world about the dangers of overpopulation. Anyone watching the math already had reason to be... More

“I Heard The Heartbeat”…Beyonce Tells Of Her Lost Child

A week ago today, the pro-life marchers in Washington D.C. made a powerful statement that the cause for the protection of innocent life will always live on. Two days from now, the singer Beyonce will ... More

The Over-Extension Of America Is A Worthy 2nd-Term Fight

We move into the coming year, as the inspiration and renewal provided by the March For Life winds down. For the nation as a whole, the feel-good atmosphere that surrounds the inauguration of a new pre... More



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