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Dan Flaherty

Dan Flaherty is a freelance writer living in southeastern Wisconsin with a passion for the Catholic Church, the pre-1968 Democratic Party, the city of Boston and the world of sports. He is the owner of TheSportsNotebook.com, and the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in late 1940s Boston.

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Colorado Tragedy Can’t Obscure The Heart Of The Pro-Life Movement

As hundreds of thousands peaceful pro-life demonstrators coverage on Washington D.C. today for the annual March For Life, the supporters of legalized abortion are gloating over a tragedy that’s unfo... More

As Obama’s 2nd Term Begins So Does The Long Fight Over ObamaCare

President Obama’s second term officially begins this afternoon, but the signature legislation of his first term—the passage of ObamaCare—remains in substantial doubt. The political Left celebrat... More

The White House’s Empty Gun Propaganda

It’s not that I think a national background check on gun purchases is a bad idea. Nor is that I think it’s really necessary to own a semi-automatic assault rifle or that the right to purchase one ... More

Republican Establishment Trys To Devour Its Own

Well, the higher-ups in the Republican Party are doing some soul-searching and trying to figure out why they lost the presidential election and lost seats in the Senate, even as they expanded retained... More

Why The Abortion Industry Thinks They’re Losing

[caption id="attachment_40802" align="alignright" width="200" caption="What exactly are abortion industry water-carriers after anyway? "][/caption] To listen to the water-carriers for the abortion ... More

The Budget Vote Reveals Republican Divide

What to make of the House’s ratification this week of the budget package passed by the U.S. Senate just minutes into 2013? I had no doubt about what the House should do, and said so in this space on... More

The House Should Reject The Senate’s Budget Plan

The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate, in conjunction with White House input, has passed a budget proposal that would avert the automatic tax increases and spending cuts that went into effect at 12:01... More

Has The Political System Failed?

The budget negotiations in Washington D.C. roll on, with the odds increasing that a package of January 1 tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in automatically. I’ve argued before that not only is n... More

Budget Talks Reveal How Empty Obama Really Is

We’re four days from the automatic kick-in of a series of tax increases and spending cuts that our overly dramatic media and political culture have insisted on calling “the fiscal cliff”, the ... More

Why Does Hollywood Get A Free Pass As Violence Escalates?

The movement for tougher gun laws has gained steam in the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Newton, CT. What’s also gotten attention is that the killer, Adam Lanza, apparently was very into violent vide... More



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