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Dan Flaherty

Dan Flaherty is a freelance writer living in southeastern Wisconsin with a passion for the Catholic Church, the pre-1968 Democratic Party, the city of Boston and the world of sports. He is the owner of TheSportsNotebook.com, and the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in late 1940s Boston.

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Let’s Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

The phrase “fiscal cliff” has rapidly become the most overused cliché in American politics. It’s replaced “double down” which was abused during the campaign. President Obama and Mitt Romney... More

The Debt Deal That Should Be Made

Where do we go from here? President Obama is re-elected, but Republicans not only retained control in the House of Representatives, but added to their majority. While the GOP was a train wreck in the ... More

The Last Hurrah: Closing Thoughts On Election Day

We’re at the end of the line and as much I’d like to jump in with a prediction, I think anything the pundits are guessing right now is more indicative of their own voting preference than actual da... More

Pelosi’s Medicare Tactics Already Crashed And Burned

On the final Sunday of the election season, the presidential race is up for grabs. The Senate is up for grabs. But one governing body is not up for grabs and that’s the House of Representatives. ... More

Obama’s Stuck On Blue-State Defense In The Final Week

It is impossible to deny, by any objective measurement that the re-election of campaign of President Obama is running in reverse. There is no polling data that suggests he’s recovered the momentum h... More

The Coming Referendums For Organized Labor

If you believe that middle ground can be found on issues pertaining to organized labor, a series of voter referendums in Michigan present a considerable challenge. The most prominent is Proposition 2,... More

Mediscare: Coming Soon To A TV Set Near You

The state of Florida is one of the last places where President Obama’s re-election campaign has a chance to pick off a state that traditionally leans Republican (Obama won it in 2008, but the Sunshi... More

The Actions Of Each Campaign Tells You Obama Is Losing Steam

The respected Gallup poll sent stirrings through the political world this week with a poll showing that Mitt Romney is seven points ahead of Barack Obama in the national vote. If Gallup—the longest-... More

Obama Faces Political Problems In Coal Country

If you ever want to dispel the myth that Barack Obama represents the economic interest of the working class, take a drive through coal country. This last weekend, I drove through central Pennsylvania ... More

What Is Trickle-Down Economics?

The vice-presidential debate goes tonight in Kentucky, and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown gave us a sneak preview of the line of attack Vice-President Joe Biden is likely to use against Republican veep no... More



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