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[VIDEO] Little Iraqi Girl Forgives ISIS, Bring Reporter to Tears

Last summer, ISIS militants drove this little Christian girl, Myriam, and her family from their home in Qaraqosh, Iraq. A reporter found her residing in a refugee camp in Kurdistan -- and her ans... More

1-17th Infantry helps clear 120 kilometers to Shorabak

Let this be the Hour

At the end of the second Lord of the Rings film, King Theoden faces certain death. He and his men are outnumbered by tens of thousands of heavily armoured uruk’hai who seek to annihilate the race... More


The Greatest Freedom: A Reflection on James Foley

He knelt in the sand with a shaved head, in the garb of a prisoner.  The image is heartbreaking and maddening, a cruel act of hatred.  As Americans and Catholics, how ought we respond to the murde... More


The Social Liability

Until recently, I was ambivalent about the redefinition of civil marriage.  My gut feeling – or perhaps it was a default to my parents’ view – told me I wanted to preserve the definition of mar... More



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