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Kennedy, Obama, and Religious Freedom

As many of you know, we joined with John Kennedy, the CEO of Autocam, and filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on Monday. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of the HHS Mandate. ... More

Shorter Debate Analysis

There is no point in rehashing much of what has been sad about last night. By this point in your day your have either heard it all or read it all. But I do want to point out a few important reasons wh... More

Obama’s Insincere War Against the ‘Slavery’ of Human Trafficking

Yesterday, President Obama gave one of his most insincere speeches to date, and about one of the most vicious and grotesques realities of our time: human trafficking. He stood before those gathered at... More

Catholics For Romney Coalition Announced

Romney for President announced yesterday the Catholics for Romney Coalition. While there has been a loosely organized effort to engage Catholics in the campaign, yesterday's announcement makes things ... More

Ryan vows contraception mandate ‘Will be gone’ on ‘Day 1′

Paul Ryan is putting his Catholic beliefs front and center as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Ryan has been campaigning around the country and the question of his Catholic faith is sometim... More



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