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Prudential Judgment Requires Prudence, not Abdication

Our Parish, like most in in the Archdiocese of Chicago, reads off a list of pro-forma petitions, the Prayer of the Faithful, a sort of laundry list of requests for topical prayers. Many of these (in C... More

Did It Really Take 15 Minutes on Glenn Beck to Notice that the Social Justice Movement is full of Leftist Hacks??

Glenn Beck pointed out what is obvious (and sorry repetitive) to some readers: the Social Justice movement in US Churches is a fully politicized bunch of Leftist Hacks.  Says Beck: I’m begging... More

The New and Improved Liberation Theology

I subscribe to many Catholic email lists of various perspectives, including US Catholic, published by the Claretians in Chicago.    The magazine is worth reading, and many of the people I know who a... More

Franciscan Sister of the Renewal was Olympic Speedskater

One of those pleasant stories that come along with the Olympics.  From Yahoo Sports Twelve years ago at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, a 17-year-old speedskating prodigy named Kirstin Holum wa... More

Dollars For Scholars: Rev. Senator James Meeks Seeks Support for Catholic Schools

My first encounter with Rev. Meeks was rather comical...there are two organizations on the South Side of Chicago named House of Hope, one a shelter run by Catholic Nuns, and the other a 25,000 member ... More

Parental Notification Needed for a Tylenol….Not for an Abortion

Here someone at the Huffington Post is campaigning against parents responsibly raising their children "While Illinois has a mandatory parental involvement law on the books, it has long been enjoine... More



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