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John White has a B.A. from the University of Dallas and a J.D. from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and four children.

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Vatican Unveils New Tank

ROME --- In a surprise press conference yesterday, high-ranking Vatican official Cardinal Giacomo Tortellini announced that the Vatican has been developing a new main battle tank. "As Prefect for t... More


Pope Francis Talks About Selling The Pieta

In a recent interview, Pope Francis spoke frankly about something that more than a few people have speculated on - whether he will sell the Vatican's priceless works of art and give the money to t... More

pope francis 14

Vatican Kicks Off Year of Mercy by Arresting Two Employees

On the eve of the "Year of Mercy" announced by Pope Francis, two Vatican employees were just arrested for leaking confidential financial information. Full story here. ... More

paprocki marathon

Bishop Paprocki Completes 21st Marathon in 21 Years

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, completed the Springfield Marathon on October 11. “That makes 21 marathons in 21 years for me,” said Bishop Paprocki, accordi... More

cecile richards

Planned Parenthood: We Still Charge for Whole Dead Babies

  Planned Parenthood announced this week that it will stop accepting payment for human body parts.  The announcement comes after the release of several videos that show Planned Parenthood... More

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Synod’s Final Report Already Written By Bon Jovi

ROME --- During a press conference this morning, the Secretary General of the Synod on the Family, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, along with Archbishop Bruno Forte, confirmed rumors that the Relatio Syn... More

Father Holding Daughter's Hand

Bishop Olmsted to Catholic Men: Start Being Men

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has just issued an Apostolic Exhortation entitled Into the Breach, in which he basically tells Catholic men that they need to stand up and start fighting - for the... More

obama francis

The President’s Plot to Exploit the Pope

  This is what the millennials might call "beyond beyond." This is beyond President Obama's typical Chicago-style politics.  This is beyond the more vile tenets of the Alinsky catechis... More

lego vatican 2

Priest Spends Ten Months Playing With Legos, Everybody Wins

This.  Is.  Awesome. Fr. Bob Simon, from St. Catherine of Siena parish in Moscow, Pennsylvania, has built a detailed model of St. Peter's Basilica and Square entirely out of Legos, which will... More


Vatican Issues Long-Awaited Statement on Gay Penguins

No, for real. You used to have to make this stuff up.  Not anymore. This is what happened: An Italian lesbian wrote a children's book about two gay penguins who adopt a baby penguin and ... More



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