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The Faith of R.A. Dickey’s Knuckleball

Last night, the New York Mets squeezed out two runs in the bottom of the ninth to steal a 6–5 win from the Phillies. The game was billed as a showdown between two All Star pitchers, the Mets’ k... More

Catholic Voters, Again

The other day, I wrote here that there is no coherent Catholic vote in America. To which my smart friend Mark Stricherz wrote the next day to say that I was wrong: There is indeed a Catholic vote. ... More

Average Catholics, Average Voters

Gallup has done a poll and found—that “Catholics as a whole are almost precisely average in their vote choices”! The Washington Post has picked up those Gallup results and breathlessly report... More

The Bounty on Tim Tebow

Well, yes, this is what the news has come to. Hunt a little, and you can find reports that a dating website—one that, self-professedly, specializes in setting up adulterous affairs—has offered a m... More

The Catholic Vote?

The indefatigable Kathryn Lopez notes, below, the new Pew poll that shows President Obama in freefall among Catholic voters: going from 9 points ahead a month ago to 5 points behind today. As Ramesh P... More

RE: Santorum Could Have Learned from Bush

Mark Stricherz is one of the sharpest political commentators around, and when he says here at CatholicVote that Santorum should have acted as George W. Bush did, we have to listen. Even after list... More

Crossing the Wires

Very interesting comment today on Ann Althouse's popular blog. The argument seems to be this: Hilary Rosen's error was in trying to express Democratic Trope 1 with language from Democratic Trope 2... More

Smallball Politics?

In National Review today, Rich Lowry writes that the Romney campaign deserves some credit for jumping on the Hilary Rosen comments and reversing the "War on Women" trope that the Democrats were beginn... More

The Authority for Health Care

Back when the congressional debates over the healthcare bill were first raging, I noted that hardly anyone seemed to be raising perhaps the strongest reason to oppose any form of nationalized or gover... More

Good Friday, Riding Westward

Who sees God’s face, that is self-life, must die; / What a death were it then to see God die? I've told this story before, but it seems worth repeating, this day: I once had a dream about the por... More



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