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Turning Up the Cards?

Conrad Black, this morning, at National Review: “Santorum did not, to my knowledge, and probably would not, put it in these terms, but the confluence of his campaign with what Pope Benedict XVI spec... More

More Than Silence

Back in January, Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp dismissed the case against pro-life activist Susan Pine, charged with violating the FACE Act by handing out pro-life literature in Florida—a ministry she ha... More

Everything Old Is New Again

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews calls Catholics, like Mormons, "cultists": [The Republican primaries] have three, or two RCs—Roman Catholics running and a Mormon so the three cultists running. I have to... More

Evangelicals and Catholics Together. Kind of.

An evangelical friend in Washington passes along to his email list a note he recently received. Just passes it along, as though it were a normal sort of thing, and asks for comments: Did you see th... More

The Madness of Abortion

There are two abortions every minute in the United States. Maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less: The gathering of medical statistics has been corrupted by the politics of abortion, in the same way... More

Dr. Kevorkian’s Successor

An article in the Washington Post about the new leader of the euthanasia movement: Egbert calls it an “exit hood.” It’s a contraption that can end a life in minutes. The 84-year-old doctor, w... More

Contraception in the Garden

Ignatius Press just sent me galleys for Mary Eberstadt’s forthcoming book, Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution. I can’t review it, because I’m thanked so prominent... More

Explaining Tebow

If commonsense, knowledge of football, and ordinary logic all fail to explain Tim Tebow's victories this season, then why shouldn't grammar fail, too? Former NFL great John Elway speaking on his team'... More

The Authority to Kill

A point from this morning's Public Discourse: When John Quincy Adams insisted that America “goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy,” he was not defining an American pacifism—for wa... More

The Christianity of Occupy Wall Street?

There’s an argument one could make—illuminating, if not entirely explanatory—that many of the twists and turns of modern times have come from the attempt to have a kind of ersatz Christianity, e... More



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