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Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also bimonthly columnist with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and five children.

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Here are the top ten favorite articles this month

David Letterman retired, so now I can do a Top Ten list. And just like his, mine isn't funny. These are the Top Ten Most Interesting Articles, according to our Loopers -- the faithful subscribers ... More

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At least three Catholics have 2016 on their minds

Before we get started, I wanted to be clear: 1. Just because someone calls themselves Catholic doesn't mean we should automatically take them at their word. We've been burned too many times, from peo... More


Funny video mocks Hillary-obsessed media

I hate when videos automatically play sound, so I won't make this one do that. But you simply HAVE to turn on the sound button (bottom right corner) to get the full effect of this video: ... More


UPDATED: Where the 2016 candidates stack up on religious liberty

NOTE: As I was finishing this post, I noticed that Maggie Gallagher published a similar article on this same topic over at The Pulse 2016. Go read her article as well!  UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW ... More


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Even in space travel, we have a need for relics

I've never really understood the Protestant criticism of Catholics venerating relics of saints. We remember the life of St. John Paul, we're not worshiping his clothing? Do we think he's a God because... More


Walker wise to avoid gotcha question, but watch how Huckabee handled evolution

Imagine you're the Governor of Wisconsin. You're planning to run for president of the United States. You decide to travel to London. Your rationale for the trip is to increase Wisconsin's internat... More


How Mary Landrieu led to me to CatholicVote

Twelve years ago, I was in the Bayou State watching election returns. When most people visit Louisiana, they go to the French Quarter. But I went instead to Sulphur. It’s an oil and gas town ... More


Mary Landrieu thought this was clever

Not all Senate races are over. (No, I'm not just talking about the close vote still going on in Alaska.) I mean, no candidate got over 50% in Louisiana. So that Senate race is going to a December 6... More

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Republicans won the Catholic vote in 2014

Catholic voters supported the Republican Party in the 2014 elections by a 53-45% margin. This echoes the last midterm elections in 2010, when 53% of Catholics voted Republican. REMINDER: The "Catholic... More



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