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Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also bimonthly columnist with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and five children.

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Even in space travel, we have a need for relics

I've never really understood the Protestant criticism of Catholics venerating relics of saints. We remember the life of St. John Paul, we're not worshiping his clothing? Do we think he's a God because... More


Walker wise to avoid gotcha question, but watch how Huckabee handled evolution

Imagine you're the Governor of Wisconsin. You're planning to run for president of the United States. You decide to travel to London. Your rationale for the trip is to increase Wisconsin's internat... More


How Mary Landrieu led to me to CatholicVote

Twelve years ago, I was in the Bayou State watching election returns. When most people visit Louisiana, they go to the French Quarter. But I went instead to Sulphur. It’s an oil and gas town ... More


Mary Landrieu thought this was clever

Not all Senate races are over. (No, I'm not just talking about the close vote still going on in Alaska.) I mean, no candidate got over 50% in Louisiana. So that Senate race is going to a December 6... More

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Republicans won the Catholic vote in 2014

Catholic voters supported the Republican Party in the 2014 elections by a 53-45% margin. This echoes the last midterm elections in 2010, when 53% of Catholics voted Republican. REMINDER: The "Catholic... More


Breaking: Pope to host international conference on complementarity of man and woman

Big news, just announced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Rome, November 3rd, 2014. On November 17-19, 2014, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will host a colloqui... More

wendy davis greg abbott

Does anyone deserve to lose more than Wendy Davis?

Of course, I think anyone who so proudly champions abortion is automatically disqualified for every office. But Wendy Davis' campaign for governor of Texas is just downright shameful. Wendy Davis i... More


Here’s CV President Brian Burch’s interview on EWTN discussing The American Catholic Almanac

The video should automatically start at the interview with Brian Burch. But if it doesn't, you can just move it to the 20:20 mark. Remember you can order the book at More


Boy that OMG columnist at Crux really helped me out…

Dear OMG! I just wanted to say “Thanks!” I’d been in a funk for some time now, but now I feel like a huge weight has have lifted from my shoulders. I have a friend who is totally co... More


NBC’s Chuck Todd says Obama in danger of doing Carter-like damage to Democratic brand

President Obama is addressing the nation tonight about ISIS and their barbarism against Christians and other peoples in Syria and Iraq. Memories of George W. Bush's mistakes in Iraq have been repla... More



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