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Joshua Mercer

Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also bimonthly columnist with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and five children.

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The Christmas Candle debuts tomorrow

Here's a preview of a new movie called The Christmas Candle (with a special message from someone you might recognize):   ... More


Show this to someone who thinks history is boring

A WWII pilot is shown footage (for the first time) of his own plane crash. Watch. ... More


Couple laments that it’s difficult to abort their child

The media always tries to find a personal angle to a story. Usually, though, they realize not to try this for the issue of abortion. Best to drown the discussion in euphemisms, right? Well, the Te... More

janice brown

Federal court strikes down HHS mandate for Ohio business

[caption id="attachment_55616" align="alignright" width="297"] Judge Janice Rogers Brown[/caption] Common sense prevails at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals -- the second most influential court in... More


Tom Ridge accuses social conservatives of ‘tyranny’

Whenever I attack pro-abortion Catholic Democrats, I get labeled a 'cheerleader' for the Republican Party. But the truth is that I save my greatest ammunition for pro-abortion Republicans, especial... More


“I spent two years defending Obamacare … I have now learned that I was wrong.”

Meet Sue Klinkhamer. She worked in the office of Representative Bill Foster, a Democrat from Illinois. Her boss voted for Obamacare and she was a proud defender of Obamacare, too. “I spent two... More

Kay Hagan

Vulnerable Senate Democrats call for delay in Obamacare rollout

Boy, when Republicans suggested delaying Obamacare, they were called "anarchists" and "terrorists" and such. But now Democrats in the Senate facing a tough reelection next year are running scared o... More


On marriage fight, Chris Christie throws in the towl

The lawless New Jersey Supreme Court last week refused Governor Christie's request for a stay (or temporary stop) on their ruling which said that same-sex "marriages" had to become legal in the Ga... More


Five Questions with Michael Novak

EDITOR’S NOTE: CV is happy to include a new entry in our “Five Questions” series. Today we feature an interview with author Michael Novak, who recently penned a book about his life called W... More


Mitch McConnell isn’t the problem. Mark Begich is the problem.

There are many people today who are furious at Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Boehner for accepting this deal and ending the shutdown. Not me.  I'm done with a fighting a ... More



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