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Joshua Mercer

Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also bimonthly columnist with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and five children.

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Why do we support marriage as a union of one man and one woman?

It's not about romance. And it's not about the desires of adults. Speaking before lawmakers in Indiana yesterday, Ryan Anderson eloquently stated why the state has an interest in marriage that ... More


Why are young people pro-life, but also favor marriage re-definition?

My friend John Burger asked that very question to marriage defender Ryan Anderson. Here's what he said: I think it’s largely that they haven’t had the argument made to them. Forty years ago, ... More


It’s one of the greatest achievements in human history — and no one is talking about it

As a child of the 80s, I remember We Are the World. Yeah, the song is terrible, but it was nice to see rock stars care about charity. Back then poverty in Africa was in the news all the time. But thin... More


Catholic pundits react to selection of Pope as “Person of the Year”

Here are a few reactions from some Catholic thinkers about Time magazine's decision to select Pope Francis as Person of the Year. Fr. Dwight Longenecker: The Time magazine writers reflect the se... More


Obama’s former press secy: ‘It’s very tough to see how the Democrats retain the Senate’

Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary for Obama from 2009 to Feb 2011, said that if current poll numbers continue for Democrats, then Republicans are likely to gain control of the United States Se... More


Who will Time pick as Person of the Year?

The news magazines are a dying breed. The entire Newsweek operation was sold a few years back for $1. And I think that price was too high. But Time magazine's annual feature "Person of the Year" still... More


The Christmas Candle debuts tomorrow

Here's a preview of a new movie called The Christmas Candle (with a special message from someone you might recognize):   ... More


Show this to someone who thinks history is boring

A WWII pilot is shown footage (for the first time) of his own plane crash. Watch. ... More


Couple laments that it’s difficult to abort their child

The media always tries to find a personal angle to a story. Usually, though, they realize not to try this for the issue of abortion. Best to drown the discussion in euphemisms, right? Well, the Te... More

janice brown

Federal court strikes down HHS mandate for Ohio business

[caption id="attachment_55616" align="alignright" width="297"] Judge Janice Rogers Brown[/caption] Common sense prevails at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals -- the second most influential court in... More



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