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Kate O'Hare

A native of the Adirondacks and Saratoga Springs in northern New York State, journalist and fiction writer Kate O’Hare now lives in Los Angeles, where she’s on a neverending quest to find a parish in the L.A. Archdiocese with orthodox preaching, excellent traditional music and parking.

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What is Family? Dolce & Gabbana vs. Elton John

It's an interesting moment in the culture, as gay icons battle each other over the notion of conceiving children in other than nature's way of sex between men and women. Italian fashion (and, f... More


Fox News Adds Pro-Life MLK Niece Dr. Alveda King

After years of featuring her as a commentator on several of its shows, Fox News Channel has signed pro-life advocate Alveda King, niece of civil-rights luminary Dr. Martin Luther King, as a regula... More


How a Chinese Propaganda Artist Painted the Pope

Once upon a time, the Catholic Church was one of the greatest patrons of art, music and architecture in the Western world - and many of the artists employed were not faithful Catholics. Leonardo d... More


Russell Wilson and the Qualities of True Leadership

You'll forgive me for writing again about the Seattle Seahawks -- as I did here and here -- but that's my team, and so it's the one I notice the most. But, I'll stipulate to the fact that the NFL ... More


Dr. Candida Moss of Notre Dame — and CNN’s ‘Finding Jesus’ — Talks About the Theology-Class Controversy

Earlier today, I posted a story over at my recently launched Pax Culturati blog at Patheos Catholic about the new CNN series "Finding Jesus," which looks at the story of Christ through the lens o... More


The Bishop, Job and the Problem of Whining

At his regular blog at the Madison Catholic Herald, Bishop Robert C. Morlino of the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin) posted a Lenten observation relating to the Book of Job, a literary masterpiece f... More


Prisoners of the Sexual Revolution

In a provocative piece for National Review called "Jailhouse Feminism," author Mary Ebersadt ("How The West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization") takes aim at the angry, aggressive, fr... More


ISIS and the End Times

On the heels of Pope Francis' condemnation of the murders of 21 Coptic Christian Egyptians by ISIS militants in Libya, The Atlantic offers this lengthy, thoughtful, provocative piece, "What ISIS R... More


PBS’ ‘Shakespeare Uncovered’: The Bard’s Out-of-Control Humanity

"Shakespeare Uncovered" is currently airing its second season on PBS. It pairs the Bard's plays with a host connected to the material, and then examines the work's history, themes and various inc... More


’50 Shades’ of Schadenfreude

No matter what sort of dreck is foisted upon the world and eagerly gobbled up by apparently intelligent people -- in this case, mostly women -- there are moments when light bursts through the clouds a... More



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