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Be Not Confused

Speaking of voting matters. Archbishop Lori, speaking from the Knights of Columbus annual convention, tells Catholics that when we vote we should not be voting for someone who stands for something tha... More


Don’t Get Distracted about Dinner

That's Archbishop Lori's advice in response to criticism of Cardinal Dolan for inviting Barack Obama to the Alfred E. Smith dinner, in an interview with me. This is not an honorary forum -- it is not ... More


Mitt Romney Converts to Catholicism

Okay, not exactly. But he did say that he feels as if he is Catholic during a campaign stop on Wednesday. He said we all are. In case you have not already seen the video, Romney said in Ohio: ... More

Can ‘Social Justice’ Be Saved?

There are folks fighting for the phrase “social justice” by seeking to serve those words with policies that make it a bit more authentic than it can sometimes be, and with some consistency. That... More

In Which I Say Sisterly Things about the Nuns on the Bus

Here. Please let me know what you think. And here is a quote from Cardinal Wuerl, from his book, Seek First the Kingdom, that in part speaks to the spirit in which that column was written: ... More

A Real Scar & War

Some images should make an indelible mark. Don’t click on this link unless you’re prepared to keep this image with you. The photo is of Feng Jianmei and her dead child. She was reportedly taken... More

Add Factual Injustice to the List of Grievances

Planned Parenthood’s new ad against Mitt Romney is insultingly cynical, and even the New York Times questions its facts: “When Mitt Romney says, ‘Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get r... More

Tea with Your Mystery Novel?

Mary Higgins Clark was asked by the New York Times: If you could require the president to read one book, what would it be? And she replied: The Constitution, with emphasis on the ... More

Religious Freedom, the Immediate Work of a Lifetime

George Weigel today speaking to graduates of Benedictine College in Kansas: one of the great challenges of your generation ... will be to rise to the defense of religious freedom in full. And, ind... More

Rick Santorum as the UnKennedy

For folks here who endorsed him, I thought you might appreciate a little gratitude for his apostolic fearlessness. ... More



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