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Catholics, Please Don’t Be Cheap Dates

E. J. Dionne writes about a compromise that non-right-wing bishops (his characterization, not mine) should give into. But it is a fictional compromise. Whatever the president has said, he has only ... More

Anti-Catholicism & the White House

Can we talk about the president and his allies for a moment? I know it’s not what is preoccupying the media at the moment. I know they seem to be exempt from their own lectures on civility. But has ... More

Do You Agree?

From my syndicated column this week on the Virginia ultrasound bill, the HHS mandate, Komen, and more: We are seeing this culture of death strengthen its foundations when we let bullies have thei... More

Who Is the Radical Here?

From the New York Times: The forces rearranging the family are as diverse as globalization and the pill. But Rick Santorum is supposedly radically on the margins of society for ever expressing his v... More

God Bless Mika Brzezinski!

A blogger interview Rick Santorum did months ago has gotten play everytime he has had a surge. And so it is going into the Michigan primary. He talked about the dangers of contraception and that he wo... More

Shocked Enough Yet?

Under the much-discussed HHS mandate, the Sisters of Life, a religious community, cannot actually be the Sisters of Life. They have their special vow “to protect and enhance the sacredness of hum... More

Archbishop: The President Did Not Respond to Deep Moral Concerns

From Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles: Statement on New Federal Rules Requiring Religious and other Employers to Provide Contraception in their Health Insurance Plans Archbishop José H. Gomez... More


Church & State in Dangerous Territory

Archbishop José H. Gomez writes about deep dangers the HHS mandate debate brings to the surface: What’s been happening in recent decades is that government at all levels has been exerting greater ... More

What the Marriage Debate Is & Isn’t

Today judges on the Ninth Circuit again insisted that California’s Proposition 8 (a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage) violates the U.S. Constitution. Los Angeles Archbishop J... More

Santorum and Romney Together

Rick Santorum is absolutely right when he says that the Obama administration is “hostile” to religion. We saw it in the Hosanna-Tabor case, in which the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against thi... More



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