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Strategic Advice for Candidates with Large Families Shown Playing Football A lot of candidates use their families to show they are nice people with good values. But what should candidates with uncommonly large families do? Should... More

Is Catholic Social Thought Statist?

Via Michael Sean Winters, I read John Gehring’s essay in which he criticized the tea party movement’s opposition to increased government spending as at odds with Catholic social teaching: T... More

In Iowa, Catholic Vote Wasn’t Pronounced

I believe a Catholic vote exists in the United States. It is not as large and obvious as it was 40 years ago, and as my colleague Jody Bottum has argued, it is becoming indistinguishable from the nati... More

Santorum’s Story Needs to Be Told

Last August, I remember watching Rick Santorum on C-SPAN after the Iowa straw poll. He finished in fourth place, behind Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Tim Pawlenty. To say that many Iowa Republicans... More

Is Economic Populism Behind Santorum’s Surge?

By now, you have heard probably that Rick Santorum’s poll numbers in Iowa are rising. According to the latest Time/CNN poll, the candidate has moved from sixth place in the race to third. What’s b... More

Nelson’s Retirement Has a Downside for Pro-Lifers

Yesterday, Josh bid a sour adieu to Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who announced that he will retire from the upper chamber next year. For a conservative pro-lifer like Josh, it’s easy t... More

Newt’s Repentance Doesn’t Make Him a Good Candidate

Over at National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru made a good Catholic case against a political candidate who has admitted to but atoned for the sin of adultery. I liked Ramesh’s first argument in particular:... More

George McGovern’s Book of Un-reckoning

Over at The Public Discourse, I wrote a review of George McGovern’s What It Means to Be a Democrat. readers might be surprised to learn that while the 1972 Democratic presidential n... More


Hitchens: An Imperishable, Overrated 68er

If you think of the late writer Christopher Hitchens at all, what words spring to your mind? For me, the word “imperishable” is one of those. It recurs in his essays and reviews, and it describe... More

Re: Some First Thoughts on Newt

Yesterday, Thomas Peters disagreed with my argument that Newt Gingrich's rhetorical attacks on elites would hurt him among independent voters: I would say that the ruminations of Mark about Newt... More



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