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Mark Wahlberg’s Pardon Request: What Is Redemption?

On November 26 of this year, Mark Wahlberg filed a pardon petition with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the crimes that sent him to prison in 1988. People familiar with Wahlberg’s personal ... More


Bill Murray Chats about Catholicism – No One Will Ever Believe You

As if Bill Murray fans needed another reason to love Bill Murray, the actor muses candidly about missing the Latin Mass, saints, and the power of sacred music during an interview with The Guardian.  ... More

SG meets Malala

Two Faces of Feminism

Loath as I am to even discuss the Ukrainian group Femen, they are the cartoonish avatar of the worst parts of second wave feminism – the branch that has reduced women’s rights to abortion on deman... More


Who’s Afraid of All Hallows’ Eve?

On the Word on Fire Blog, Fr. Steve Grunow presents an articulate and historically fascinating defense of Halloween.  It is true we have a complicated history with Halloween here in the United States... More


Love in the time of Ebola

I read the Hot Zone in high school, the 1994 fictionalized account of the discovery of Ebola that Stephen King described as “one of the most horrifying things I've read in my whole life.”  Later ... More


They Support a Woman’s Right to Choose – Unless She Chooses to Have More Than Two Children

At a recent wedding with many college friends on the guest list, we had many of those light-speed, ten year catch-ups in which we summarized job changes, new relationships or marriages, and our growin... More


A New Cancer Study – And the Media Can’t Handle the Truth

On August 1, a cancer study, published in The Journal of Cancer Research and conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, stated that there is evidence that the link between oral contracep... More


Snakeoil Salesmanship: The Dangerous Politicization of Birth Control

While chaperoning for an exchange program in Europe this summer and collecting specimens for my erratically accumulated German vocabulary, I learned that the German word for oral contraception was n... More



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