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Public Service Announcement: MEAT FRIDAY!

Because I am lazy (note how frequently I post) and because I love meat, I am resurrecting a post from the last 2 years. Also, Pope Francis wants you to eat meat today.  He called me and told me i... More

Petition Against the Petition

Of course, you've heard about the petition on the site that urges President Obama to designate Catholics as a hate group, right? [caption id="attachment_40261" align="alignnone" widt... More

Chick-fil-A and Gay Chicken?

I'm just back from a long vacation and apparently there's this thing going on about Chick-fil-A.  Something about Chick-fil-A president, Dan Cathy, being opposed to same-sex marriage and Chicago poli... More


Because I am lazy (note how frequently I post) and because my wife (Housewifespice) just wrote about this subject on her awesome blog and because I love meat, I am resurrecting (gratuitous Easter refe... More

A History Lesson: Guess Who Wins?

In the last few weeks of HHS influenced dead-horse beating and extended discussions on Women's Health™, I consistently find myself coming back to the idea that President Obama and his administration... More

Dear Fr. Jenkins…Speak Up!

There is a blog that just started up at the beginning of Lent where everyday they post an open letter to Fr. Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, and then they send nice copies of the letters to his offi... More

Women’s Health = Not Having Babies

Of course, all of us have now heard that contraception is a very, very important part of Women's Health™ (can someone help me register that as a trademark because I think that would be kind of funny... More

Free Bacon!

Now that I have your attention... I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was mad as hell. His name's Ruben.  He's Jewish and lives on the north-side of Chicago. He kind of looks ... More

Is RealCatholicTV a For-Profit Company?

I'm sure many of you have heard Catholic News Agency (CNA) is reporting that Michael Voris of has an employee writing icky things and that Mr. Voris has let the 501 c 3 status of Sa... More

Fr. Robert Barron Reports from Rome for NBC and Chicago Sun-Times

Wait, what's this??? A major network and a major newspaper getting a priest to do commentary? A priest known for his faithfulness to Church teaching? Was Fr. McBrien not available...or perhap... More



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