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Pope Francis the Liberator

Pope Francis and The American Dream

These days we hear a lot of praise for Pope Francis from folks we wouldn’t normally expect to hear it from – the Gay Advocate, Planned Parenthood, and the hosts of the MSNBC network. Their appro... More


Should Catholic youth groups be ethnically segregated?

My father, a first generation Mexican-American, is fond of saying, “America doesn’t just have an immigration problem - it has an assimilation problem.”  As a public school teachers, my mom and ... More

The case for a boys-only policy for altar servers

Sometime in the 1970’s the long-standing male-only policy for altar servers changed.  Here I am in 1976 in a picture with my sister, Leah, after Mass with Fr. Nadine, a pastor who welcomed both gir... More

Is Laura Bush a feminist?

Sewall-Belmont House is a museum dedicated to advancing women and every year they honor a woman for that purpose.  Past recipients include Katie Couric, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.  This year,... More

Feds regulate farm chores for kids

My kids’ friends that I like the most are farm kids. It’s simple. Working on a farm makes kids hard-working and responsible. When my kids complain about their chores, I love that I can poin... More

What the ‘feeding tube diet’ says about the state of marriage

There’s a lot of talk these days about the “War on Women.” But what about the ‘War on Women’s Bodies”? Or the “War on Women’s Self- Image”? With all the pressure on women to adher... More

The trouble with Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico

Despite State Department warnings for all Americans to avoid travel in Mexico due to drug violence, 13 year-old first daughter, Malia, is spending her spring break with friends in the country’s ... More

Client #9 wants to protect “girls” from a Santorum presidency

In a recent radio interview, former Governor Elliot Spitzer said he is terrified of “his girls" living in Rick Santorum’s world. Spitzer is presumably referring to his daughters not the "gir... More

Osama bin Ladin remains treated more respectfully than his 9-11 victims’

I was pretty peeved when I learned this week that the White House gave Gitmo detainees a $750,000 soccer field.  How many poor communities right here in the US would have been far more deserving reci... More

Planned Parenthood as American as apple pie?!

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and publisher of “The Nation” declares Planned Parenthood as American as “Apple Pie”: “Planned Parenthood is in women’s lives.  One in 6 women and their dau... More



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