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Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Rebecca Ryskind Teti lives in Hyattsville, MD with her husband, four kids and a misbehaving beagle. She is Director of Women’s Programs at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center, a frequent speaker on prayer, spirituality and the intersection of faith and culture, and web editor for

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In Business for Good

  Pope Francis’ new encyclical calls for a renewal of virtue in our economic practices. Catholic University’s new School of Business anticipated him by two years. In 2013, Catholic ... More


D.C.’s War on Chastity & the Poor

Congress has a short window of time in which to block two measures by the District of Columbia City Council restricting free speech, freedom of assembly, and the free exercise of religion of missi... More


St. Patrick’s Snow: In Solidarity With the Northeast Brethren

  It snowed again Sunday in Boston and while it’s warm today, the weatherpersons are threatening snow in the District of Colombia Thursday and Friday. I’m usually a snow lover, but ... More


His Theme Was Freedom : Enduring Lessons from the Late Stan Evans

M. Stanton Evans, one of a handful of key figures who shaped the modern Conservative movement, and a tireless champion of religious liberty, passed away in the early morning hours of March 3, from... More


Two Surprising Facts About Soon-to-be Beatified Archbishop Romero

The news this week that Pope Francis signed a decree recognizing slain El Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero as a martyr for the faith has raised hopes that he will soon be beatified. The Archbisho... More


Patti Smith at the Vatican – A Thrill of Hope

A few of my friends on social media have groused this Advent about punk rock pioneer Patti Smith’s being invited to sing at the Vatican for Christmas. I can understand why they think it’s not fit... More


I’ll Never Do “Black Friday” Again

I've never understood the appeal of shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It's not the crass commercialization of Christmas that bothers me. After a long period of the convert's pecksniffery about ... More


What I Saw at the “In Defense of Christians” Summit

An important effort to defend persecuted Christians in Iraq and elsewhere has been tainted by accusations of Antisemitism against some high level participants.  I think that’s unfair – above all ... More


The Bible on Buzzfeed

Which click-bait Facebook quiz are you?  If you’re like me, you’re long since burnt out on teaser headlines that don’t deliver on what they promise. I’ve learned to scroll right past most qui... More


Four Words We’re Using Nobody Understands

A dozen years ago I was giving a talk on sexual purity to couples in a marriage preparation program. I could tell by their semi-hostile fidgeting I was losing them so though I was a bit afraid of what... More



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