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Stephen P. White is a fellow in the Catholic Studies program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. His work focuses on the application of Catholic social teaching to a broad spectrum of contemporary political and cultural issues. Since 2005, Mr. White has been coordinator of the Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society: a three week seminar on Catholic social teaching, with an emphasis on the thought of Blessed John Paul II, which takes place every summer in Kraków, Poland. He studied politics at the University of Dallas and philosophy at the Catholic University of America. He is a graduate of the St. Patrick’s Evangelisation School in London, England.

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Vatican’s firing of gay priest puts “Who am I to Judge” to the test

  Today, on the eve of the Synod on the Family, a Polish priest who works--or rather, worked--in the Vatican decided to announce that he's gay and has a partner. In an interview with "Corriere... More


A Family Resemblance

  I recently came across a beautiful story about the papal visit from the San Francisco Chronicle. The piece is a stark reminder of power of unconditional love and the message of mercy. N... More


Why is Pope Francis Coming to Philadelphia?

He's coming for the World Meeting of Families. He's coming to canonize a saint, Junipero Serra. He's coming to address the United Nations. He's coming to speak to the American Congress. But most of... More


Philly is SOLD OUT for Jim Gaffigan Show–Even Pope Francis will be there!

Ok, so maybe Gaffigan isn't the main attraction. Or Mark Wahlberg, Aretha Franklin, or Andrea Bocelli. The Catholic comedian explained to Conan O'Brien last night how he got booked to perform stand-up... More


What would the victims of abortion say if they could speak?

What would the victims of abortion say if they could speak? As it turns out, some of them can speak. Yesterday, two survivors of abortion—Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden—testified before Congre... More


Mercy Enough to Go Around

Pope Francis issued a letter this morning that has caused quite a stir in the media. (It's not long; go ahead and read it.) In the letter, the Holy Father said that, as part of the Jubilee of Mercy,... More


Old-timey Anti-Catholicism graces front page of Washington Post’s “Express”

The Washington Post produces a daily tabloid called "Express." The paper is distributed free, mostly to commuters at Metro stops. It gives one something to read on the train ride downtown. The Washing... More


Strong Medicine: The World Needs to Hear the Message of Laudato Si

Arguments about whether or not Pope Francis “gets the science right” in his new encyclical Laudato Si, tend to miss the point rather badly. This is because the Pope’s forceful, and in many ways ... More


Marriage, Civil Society, and a Church on the Margins

It can often seem—among proponents and opponents of same-sex marriage alike—that the fight over marriage is a fight over sexual morality or visitation rights or tax preferences for partners. But t... More


10 Legacies of St. John Paul the Great

The Second Vatican Council was supposed to usher in a time of hope and joy, a new Pentecost for Church. Instead, the Church was seemingly caught flat-footed by the enormous social and cultural upheava... More



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