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Steve Skojec is the Publisher of He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he earned a BA in Communications and Theology. He has been blogging about the intersection of religion and politics for 10 years, and was a columnist and staff blogger for Crisis Magazine from 2008 – 2012. His hobbies include writing, photography, art & design, social media, and an avid appreciation of science fiction. Steve lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Jamie and their six children.

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Boy Scouts Gays

Washington Post Columnist Attacks Priest For Not “Compromising With the Devil”

Last year, when the Boy Scouts of America were considering changing their admission policy to allow openly homosexual members, Fr. John De Celles, the pastor of St. Raymond of Penafort Catholic Ch... More


Polygamy: The Next Marriage Fight

The push to legalize "gay marriage" is about far more than equality. It's about dismantling the institution of marriage altogether. Marriage only makes sense as a societal construct when it is ... More


Is Uncle Sam Retaliating Against The Furloughed Priest Who Filed A First Amendment Lawsuit?

Last October I told you how the federal government shutdown was affecting Catholic Priests contracted to perform chaplain duties for the underserved Catholics in the US military. You shared that ... More

Planned Parenthood

Can You Guess What Happens To Teen Pregnancy Rates When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town?

The Planned Parenthood website (no, I'm not going to link to it) proudly proclaims: "For nearly 100 years, we’ve worked to improve women’s health and safety, prevent unintended pregnancies, and ad... More


Millennials Are Seeking Tradition, Sacramentality, and Liturgy

When God at first made man, Having a glass of blessings standing by, “Let us,” said he, “pour on him all we can. Let the world’s riches, which dispersèd lie, Contract into a span.” ... More

San Xavier Del Bac Mission April 2010 353c-2

Our Unchangeable Faith: Catholicism as a Cultural Force

Yesterday, I read with interest the essay from Paul Harvey written after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. Entitled, "What Catholic Tradition Means to a Protestant", his opening three s... More


Charlie Daniels: Catholic Nuns “The Only People With the Guts to Face Down Obama”

Music legend Charlie Daniels weighed in yesterday on the fight between the Obama Administration and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Daniels tweeted: It's a disgrace when the only people with the ... More

Sonia Sotomayor

Obama Administration Pressuring Justice Sotomayor to Allow Contraception Mandate

On Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued an order preventing the government from enforcing the Obamacare contraceptive mandate on the Little Sisters of the Poor. Sotomayor's decis... More


Overcoming The Post-Christmas Blues

Yesterday, I wrote about the anticipation of Christmas. But if there's any counterpart to that buildup of excitement, it's the post-Christmas blues. The presents are all unwrapped. The house is p... More


The Anticipation of Christmas

There fared a mother driven forth Out of an inn to roam; In the place where she was homeless All men are at home. The crazy stable close at hand, With shaking timber and shifting sand, Grew ... More



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