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Thomas Peters, 28, grew up in Southern California and attended college in Michigan. He has two graduate degrees in theology. He began his award-winning American Papist blog in 2006 and has been proud to be a part of the CV team since 2010. He was one of a handful of American bloggers invited to the Vatican’s first-ever Bloggers’ Meeting in Rome.

Peters has appeared in dozens of TV, radio and online media outlets over the years discussing and debating the intersection of Catholicism and politics, as well as pro-life and pro-family activism, in addition to writing and speaking about the future of social media and youth activism.

His father, Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, blogs here.

You can find Thomas Peters online at @AmericanPapist and

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The Pope Didn’t Exile Cardinal Burke. The Pope Gave Him An Army. [Photos]

I wish someone would exile me the way Pope Francis exiled Cardinal Burke. When I think of exile or banishment, I think of tiny islands. Where friends are few and far between. The Asso... More


On Immigration, the Ends Don’t Justify the Means

Last night, Pres. Obama announced that he would unilaterally take action to grant everything short of citizenship to 4-5 million undocumented people. By his own multiple prior admissions, Pres. Oba... More


Next Tuesday, We Don’t Get to NOT Vote

The past few weeks I've been using the uCampaign app to send invites to Catholic friends around the country encouraging them to support Senate candidates in battleground states. Many of these races ar... More


Who is Trying to Rig Synod14?

I ask the question in my headline because of reports like this from Edward Pentin in the National  Catholic  Register: "More and more there is talk in Rome that this synod is being engineered by g... More

Vatican Pope Liberated Doves

The Earthquake, the Vacuum and the Still, Small Voice [Updated]

Today the synod published its midway working document, which I'll be referring to as the relatio. Vatican expert John Thavis calls it an "earthquake" but I am more immediately concerned with the v... More

Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich

Cupich to Chicago: What It Actually Means [Updated]

Pope Francis just issued his own ice bucket challenge to liberal Catholics, even if they don't know it yet. For months upon months, liberal Catholics have been salivating over Pope Francis choice t... More


This is how one group of Catholics responded to chants of “Hail, Satan!” [Photos]

Last summer, pro-abortion protesters shouted "Hail, Satan!" in the Texas statehouse as the late-term abortion ban was under debate. It was a messy, agitated scene -- a battlefield between the forces o... More


Nancy Pelosi Lectures Her Archbishop: Don’t March for Marriage! I Respond [Updated w/ +Cordileone's Response]

Just who the hell does Nancy Pelosi think she is? For decades she has said to her catholic critics that they should mind their own damn business. Now she's telling her archbishop that their ... More


Exposed: Gay activist millionaire bankrolled Catholic astroturf group

Kevin Jones of the Catholic News Agency has done us a great service by revealing that Catholics United received almost its entire operating budget in 2012 from the millionaire gay activist Tim Gill: ... More


US Embassy to Vatican: Celebrate LGBT Day With Us!

Our embassy to the Holy See was established to promote goodwill between the United States and the Vatican. Under the Obama administration, however, it has at best done nothing and at worst it activ... More



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