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Thomas Peters, 28, grew up in Southern California and attended college in Michigan. He has two graduate degrees in theology. He began his award-winning American Papist blog in 2006 and has been proud to be a part of the CV team since 2010. He was one of a handful of American bloggers invited to the Vatican’s first-ever Bloggers’ Meeting in Rome.

Peters has appeared in dozens of TV, radio and online media outlets over the years discussing and debating the intersection of Catholicism and politics, as well as pro-life and pro-family activism, in addition to writing and speaking about the future of social media and youth activism.

His father, Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, blogs here.

You can find Thomas Peters online at @AmericanPapist and

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Ask Them, Do Catholic Lives Matter?

Ireland just voted to redefine marriage (I will comment on this calamity soon). But we Americans have to respond first to what is happening and is about to happen in our own country. Within 40 d... More


This Triduum, Pray for Those Fomenting Hatred Against Christians in Indiana

Honestly, did anyone expect the situation to get this bad in Indiana? Every single day seems to bring worse news. The situation of the O'Connor family in particular has me sick to my stomach. Lo... More

Pope Benedict with American bishops. Copyright: St. Louis Review

Signs of Hope: The Benedict Bishop Bump

One of the memes currently circulating is that Pope Francis is in the midst of radically changing the American episcopate in a leftward, "progressive" direction. And whether or not you like using t... More

Copyright: The Catholic Spirit

Signs of Hope: The Under-35 Priest

Is an American Catholic renaissance possible in our lifetime? Nine years ago I started writing as the "American Papist" because I was, and remain, proud to be both Catholic and an American. We a... More


Feeling Devastated by What Pope Francis Says? Try These 3 Helpful Keys.

I can hardly recall a papal visit which has touched upon so many hot topics and ignited so much controversy as Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines. You would almost think the Pope had just issue... More

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the UN meets Pope Francis

Rumbling and Blundering about Papal Climate Change

Last week the UK Guardian tried its best to deliver a lump of coal to Catholic skeptics of "climate change". Here is what it looked like:   In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message ... More


The Pope Didn’t Exile Cardinal Burke. The Pope Gave Him An Army. [Photos]

I wish someone would exile me the way Pope Francis exiled Cardinal Burke. When I think of exile or banishment, I think of tiny islands. Where friends are few and far between. The Asso... More


On Immigration, the Ends Don’t Justify the Means

Last night, Pres. Obama announced that he would unilaterally take action to grant everything short of citizenship to 4-5 million undocumented people. By his own multiple prior admissions, Pres. Oba... More


Next Tuesday, We Don’t Get to NOT Vote

The past few weeks I've been using the uCampaign app to send invites to Catholic friends around the country encouraging them to support Senate candidates in battleground states. Many of these races ar... More


Who is Trying to Rig Synod14?

I ask the question in my headline because of reports like this from Edward Pentin in the National  Catholic  Register: "More and more there is talk in Rome that this synod is being engineered by g... More



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