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Thomas Peters, 28, grew up in Southern California and attended college in Michigan. He has two graduate degrees in theology. He began his award-winning American Papist blog in 2006 and has been proud to be a part of the CV team since 2010. He was one of a handful of American bloggers invited to the Vatican’s first-ever Bloggers’ Meeting in Rome.

Peters has appeared in dozens of TV, radio and online media outlets over the years discussing and debating the intersection of Catholicism and politics, as well as pro-life and pro-family activism, in addition to writing and speaking about the future of social media and youth activism.

His father, Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, blogs here.

You can find Thomas Peters online at @AmericanPapist and

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Top 10 Catholic Facts Revealed in the 2013 Pontifical Yearbook

Earlier this month the 2013 Pontifical Yearbook and the Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae (annual statistics of the church) were presented to Pope Francis. They are prepared yearly by the Central Bur... More

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What Does Carlsberg Beer and a Cardinal Have in Common?

This has already been a week of rough news. Scandals in Washington. Tragedy in Oklahoma (please join CatholicVote in responding). So how about something completely different? [caption id="attach... More

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Video, Day 2: Watch the *House* IRS Hearing With Me

UPDATE -- for those who want to watch the *House* Oversight Committee hearing today on the IRS targeting conservative groups (including pro-life groups and the pro-marriage group NOM), please click he... More


Papist Caption Contest!

Submit (and rate) your favorite caption in the comments! Submitted by: Br. Joshua... More


A Priest for Forty Hours

This incredible story came to me first via family. St. Joseph Parish in Maumee, Ohio posted this note to their Facebook page on Wednesday (it has already been viewed and shared thousands of times s... More

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Video: Pope Francis Meets a Screaming Baby

Not everyone is excited to meet the pope -- as this video reveals (wait for it at the end): Pope Francis took it all in good humor, of course. :) I wonder how many parents are muttering, aft... More

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Pope Francis Urges Bishops to Practice “Eucharistic Coherence”

John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews notes that Pope Francis has recently urged Argentinian bishops to follow the Aparecida Document as "guidelines we need for this time in history". The document, among ... More

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.37.43 AM

The Worst Thing Ever? The Purity Host Dispenser

I'm still not convinced this is real. I hope it is not. But I fear it is. Have you ever worried so much about picking up germs from receiving Communion that you decided to invent an awkward, pez-li... More


Don’t Wait for the Media to Cover Gosnell — Do It Yourself

Thousands of pro-life Catholics are understandably outraged at the media blackout surrounding the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the perpetrator of the Philadelphia abortion clinic horrors. This photo is... More

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Video: How to Debate Gay Marriage on MSNBC

It's possible to stand up for your marriage views and for the rights of pro-marriage Americans, even on MSNBC, as I think my appearance this weekend demonstrated. My delivery wasn't perfect, of cou... More



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