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Thomas Peters, 28, grew up in Southern California and attended college in Michigan. He has two graduate degrees in theology. He began his award-winning American Papist blog in 2006 and has been proud to be a part of the CV team since 2010. He was one of a handful of American bloggers invited to the Vatican’s first-ever Bloggers’ Meeting in Rome.

Peters has appeared in dozens of TV, radio and online media outlets over the years discussing and debating the intersection of Catholicism and politics, as well as pro-life and pro-family activism, in addition to writing and speaking about the future of social media and youth activism.

His father, Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, blogs here.

You can find Thomas Peters online at @AmericanPapist and

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Obama Offers Yet Another Insufficient “Compromise” on the HHS Mandate [UPDATE]

After years and years of public comment and controversy, the Obama administration once again has chosen a Friday afternoon to quietly release yet another compromise on the HHS mandate. This new com... More

What I Saw in Phoenix: Pro-Life Grassroots in Action

This Saturday I had the privilege of speaking before 300 Catholic high schoolers and young adults in Phoenix, Arizona at the invitation of Bishop Thomas Olmsted. It was an awesome opportunity to ... More

Sign Up to Join the Bishops for Nine Days of Prayer, Penance & Pilgrimage (for Life)

2013 is a Year of Faith for the universal Church as well as a year of prayer and penance for American Catholics because of the unique threats to life, marriage and religious freedom we face in our cou... More

White House Petitioned to Declare Catholic Church a “Hate Group” — Will it Comply?

This isn't as far-fetched as we'd like to imagine: An online petition asking the White House to designate the Catholic Church as a “hate group” for its views on marriage is drawing criticism fo... More

Exclusive: Bishop Paprocki’s Letter in Defense of Marriage to be Read at All Springfield Masses This Sunday

As I wrote yesterday, lawmakers in Springfield, Illinois are trying to bring up a bill to redefine marriage. If proponents of same-sex marriage believe they have enough votes they will try to get the ... More

Cardinal George Rallies the Faithful to Protect Marriage in Illinois

Illinois already has same-sex civil unions that give same-sex couples all the legal benefits of marriage. Now, proponents of redefined marriage are attempting to legalize same-sex "marriage" in Ill... More

*62 Hours* Until a Christian Business Owner Risks $1.4 Million a DAY to Follow His Conscience

How much is your conscience worth to you? For the owners of Hobby Lobby, it is worth risking $1,400,000 in fines A DAY for refusing to follow the HHS mandate to pay for the so-called morning-after ... More

CV Community Action: Send Us Pictures of Your Nativity Scene, Creche or Manger!

The USCCB facebook page gave me a great idea -- send in your photos of your home (or office!) nativity scene, creche or manger so the rest of us can see! We'll do our best to update this post with ... More

The Economist Takes Note: It’s Cool to be a Young “Trad” Catholic

A friend alerted me to this article in the most recent issue of The Economist entitled "A traditionalist avant-garde" where the author points out that "It's trendy to be a traditionalist in the Cathol... More

Finding Hope in An Abyss of Evil

I know I'm not the only one feeling like my heart has been ripped out today (and I'm not even a parent). The horrific mass shooting of young children in Newtown, Connecticut is truly evil. There's ... More



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