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Tim Shaughnessy

Tim Shaughnessy is a cradle Catholic living in Shreveport, Louisiana with undergraduate degrees in economics and political science from Kalamazoo College, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in economics from Florida State University. He teaches economics at the undergraduate and graduate level, and is a faculty advisor for the campus Catholic student organization. He has worked at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty and was the first managing editor for the Journal of Markets & Morality while an undergraduate. He also worked for Representative Harold Voorhees in the Michigan state legislature. He serves the parish RCIA program as a sponsor and lecturer, and is active in parish and diocesan pro-life activities.

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The Affordable Care Act we can’t afford

Many Catholics support "universal health care," presumably wishing that no one be denied lifesaving (or more routine?) treatment because of a lack of money. The centuries-long history of Catholic hosp... More


Charity vs. Development

On virtually every page of the Bible or Catechism is the injunction to care for the poor. There isn't much, however, on the best way to do that. Theologians likely would chalk up such policy discussio... More


Student loan debt (still) hindering vocations?

Well, not really; only about 10% of them. Georgetown's CARA released a report entitled "New Sisters and Brothers Professing Perpetual Vows in Religious Life: The Profession Class of 2013." Thoug... More


Minimum expertise

It's a Chick Tract in the making: "Catholic Church supports law that harms blacks and unskilled workers." Crazy? Well, a letter to the US Senate on USCCB letterhead suggests that "We must return t... More


Who Pays for Human Rights?

It is mildly heartening that the European Parliament "rejected" a bill that "as a human rights concern, abortion should be made legal, safe and accessible to all." I say "mildly" and use quotes around... More

40 weeks pregnant.png at wikimedia commons

Abused pets? No! Abused humans? Meh

The online version of our local fishwrap had a story entitled "Study: People have stronger feelings for abused pets than abused humans." The study was apparently done by professors at Northeastern Uni... More

Supremely awesome dudes

10 Ways Living with a Toddler is Supremely Awesome

The Huffington Post blog had a post yesterday entitled "10 Ways Living With a Toddler Is Like Being in Prison." Yes, it was mildly humorous, and yes, some of the sentiments will resonate with parents ... More


In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Catholic social teaching has long recognized the importance of workers having the freedom to organize together in order to push for improved working conditions and wages. The Catechism briefly summari... More

rent control

Economic ignorance affecting the Church

Call me a Johnny One Note, but the primary reason I became an economist was to help demonstrate to others the human suffering that results from socialism and the incredible material progress that resu... More

law books on a shelf by umjanedoan

Immigration and the Law

Forgive me for venturing again into the immigration debate, but it seems (judging by combox discussions) that I haven't made my point clearly enough in my past two outings. I tried pointing out that ... More



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