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Tim Shaughnessy is a cradle Catholic living in Shreveport, Louisiana with undergraduate degrees in economics and political science from Kalamazoo College, and a Master’s and Ph.D. in economics from Florida State University. He teaches economics at the undergraduate and graduate level, and is a faculty advisor for the campus Catholic student organization. He has worked at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty and was the first managing editor for the Journal of Markets & Morality while an undergraduate. He also worked for Representative Harold Voorhees in the Michigan state legislature. He serves the parish RCIA program as a sponsor and lecturer, and is active in parish and diocesan pro-life activities.

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A question worth asking, and answering

Carson asks "What is the cause of Argentina’s problem with inflation?  Has the government done something to induce inflation, and is it now imposing price controls as the solution to the problem th... More

pic by estevenson

National C******c Reporter

I recognize the importance of studying your enemy's tactics, but I'm an economist so I also recognize the importance of opportunity cost. I have not read the National Catholic Reporter since I knew en... More


Biblical Echoes for Today

With all the coincidences today, you'd think a Higher Power was at work or something. Today of course is the March for Life where we bear witness to the 55 million lives lost to legal abortion, a "rig... More


Politics in reality, not middle school civics class

I doubt James Buchanan is well-known among Catholics but he should be, especially if we are interested in pursuing political means for particular ends. Buchanan won the Nobel prize in Economics in 198... More


Reuter’s Half-Sentence Homily Summary

Color me surprised. The opening paragraph of a Reuters Jan. 1st story claims the Pope said "the world was under threat from unbridled capitalism, terrorism and criminality." Even though the Pope's mes... More

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Public policy encourages risky lending? That’s CRAzy!

Since the Mayan calendar didn't usher in an end to the Great Recession, we still have to figure out why it happened. We could boil it down to two deadly sins (greed and pride) and two groups of culpri... More


Is it the economy, stupid?

It may have won Bill Clinton an election over George H.W. Bush, but the phrase "It's the economy, stupid" couldn't do the same for Romney. If ever there was an election where that phrase could not ... More

US dollar vs China yuan

Currency manipulation–to whose advantage?

Dan suggests "getting tough" on China for its currency manipulation that presumably harms American manufacturing: When the Chinese currency—the yuan—is undervalued against the dollar, it makes Ch... More

cliff edge

When State “Charity” and the Dignity of Labor Clash

By now I'm sure most of you have seen this chart: It's from a presentation by Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare in Pennsylvania (factoid: he's also an ordained deacon in the Armenian ... More

At Kroger, I can shop in a temperature-controlled environment, and they don't need to bother advertising that they accept my credit card. Pic by NatalieMaynor

Meme’s the Word (2 of 2)

I briefly discussed a mildly popular internet meme earlier in the week; a second set of images/admonitions asks us to refrain from purchasing Christmas gifts from large chain stores and to instead buy... More



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