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Tom Crowe is a cradle Catholic with a deep love for and commitment to Holy Mother the Church, colored by a rather interesting life-long relationship with her. Born during the great liturgical upheaval of the 1970s, Crowe was brought up in a parish that continued using the Missal of 1962—the Traditional Latin Mass—for which he developed a love. Crowe learned the faith as a child from the Baltimore Catechism, and didn’t stop learning and wrestling with the Church’s teachings at his Confirmation. Through reading and many conversations with friends and converts far smarter than he, Crowe came to know, accept, and love the Church and what she proposes far more intimately. For three years these conversation took place in seminary before Crowe, with the blessing of the formation team, determined that seminary was not right for him. In the wild and humorous ways of God, Crowe landed on his feet in Steubenville, Ohio, where he manages the online presence for Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he also trains altar servers and is the head master of ceremonies for the Mass in the Extraordinary Form on campus.

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The original (and best) solar cell.

Science Delves Further Into the Depths of the Riches of the Wisdom of God

I love the question, "How is science compatible with faith in God?" It's like asking, "How can you believe in art criticism and that Michelangelo really lived?" or "How do you know there is a car ... More


I’ll bet Ariel Castro would have loved to have had Plan B available

[caption id="attachment_41780" align="alignright" width="300"] A sexually abusive man's best friend.[/caption] Regardless of who decided what and why, the Plan B pill is now available for girls of ... More


Christians have a monument; Atheists, a petulant middle finger.

When I first saw the headline  I admit being genuinely curious what sort of monument an atheist group would erect. After all, what is the tie that binds atheism? It seems that by definition "athei... More

Two gold rings - reflected candles

Marriage Heterodoxy Will Not Be Tolerated In the Military

The thing about the age-old, from-the-beginning definition of marriage as between one man and one woman is that it is not an explicitly religious belief. It actually precedes any organized religion; i... More

Vespers Schola Cover

6 More Gifts For the Newly Ordained: The Sacred and the Human

Had more ideas for great gifts to get for a newly ordained priest. Beyond the six I listed last week, here are six more, with some focusing on the priest and others on the man who is now a priest. ... More

Perhaps the full solemn high set is necessary, but wow.

Six Great Gifts for the Newly Ordained. (and five things to shy away from.)

You can hardly go to a cathedral these days without running into an ordination. Every year in late May and through the month of June seminaries are letting out and bishops are laying on hands. That to... More


El Salvador Supreme Court Respects Constitution, Life

A person's a person, no matter how small, even if he or she has anencephaly and will only live for a few hours after birth. It's a guiding principle: from the moment of conception the new human per... More

Love Fire

Love: More than Just a Chemical Reaction?

Love. What is it? Well in this instance it is a subject of study for biological anthropologists, who look at evolution and the chemical things that happen in our brains in given circumstances, amon... More

durer trinity

The Trinity: The Model (for the) Family

The Solemnity of the Trinity. One of the days priests and deacons most dread to preach on. I'm no preacher, but hey: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. There is an understanding of the Tri... More


“Your war is over, your battle won.” On Memorial Day, Remember Lee Rigby, too.

A poem left anonymously on Facebook for Drummer Lee Rigby: You fought bravely and with honour died, You leave your family so full of pride, Sleep well young soldier, your job is done, Your war is ... More



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