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Tom Crowe is a cradle Catholic with a deep love for and commitment to Holy Mother the Church, colored by a rather interesting life-long relationship with her. Born during the great liturgical upheaval of the 1970s, Crowe was brought up in a parish that continued using the Missal of 1962—the Traditional Latin Mass—for which he developed a love. Crowe learned the faith as a child from the Baltimore Catechism, and didn’t stop learning and wrestling with the Church’s teachings at his Confirmation. Through reading and many conversations with friends and converts far smarter than he, Crowe came to know, accept, and love the Church and what she proposes far more intimately. For three years these conversation took place in seminary before Crowe, with the blessing of the formation team, determined that seminary was not right for him. In the wild and humorous ways of God, Crowe landed on his feet in Steubenville, Ohio, where he manages the online presence for Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he also trains altar servers and is the head master of ceremonies for the Mass in the Extraordinary Form on campus.

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The site of the modern-day holocaust: Mother's womb.

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Andrea Mitchell: Christopher Stevens Was A Republican Out To Embarrass Hillary Clinton

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Government Official Seeks to Censor Philanthropist’s Speech.

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Obamacare? Oh no. Lawmakers and Aides are better than that.

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She was fired for her ACTIONS, not her INCLINATIONS

Item: "Phys Ed Teacher Fired for Being Gay" A former physical education teacher lost her job because of her relationship with another woman. ... Apetition [sic] was created on in sup... More


Imagine if gun law were enforced like abortion laws.

[caption id="attachment_33211" align="alignright" width="280"] They did WHAT to babies' necks?[/caption] I've been beating a particular drum lately because of the confluence of topics in the nation... More


The Ugly Truth: Abortion Support is Inhuman, Part 2

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