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Tom Crowe is a cradle Catholic with a deep love for and commitment to Holy Mother the Church, colored by a rather interesting life-long relationship with her. Born during the great liturgical upheaval of the 1970s, Crowe was brought up in a parish that continued using the Missal of 1962—the Traditional Latin Mass—for which he developed a love. Crowe learned the faith as a child from the Baltimore Catechism, and didn’t stop learning and wrestling with the Church’s teachings at his Confirmation. Through reading and many conversations with friends and converts far smarter than he, Crowe came to know, accept, and love the Church and what she proposes far more intimately. For three years these conversation took place in seminary before Crowe, with the blessing of the formation team, determined that seminary was not right for him. In the wild and humorous ways of God, Crowe landed on his feet in Steubenville, Ohio, where he manages the online presence for Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he also trains altar servers and is the head master of ceremonies for the Mass in the Extraordinary Form on campus.

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Servus Pauperum Dei

Dear Catholics United and Nuns on teh Bus: Your Move.

Catholics United featured these two items on their website over the last few weeks: and       The cardinals just elected:   Your move.... More

AIM Women's Center House

AIM-ing for hearts: fighting abortion with love, generosity, and technology.

[caption id="attachment_44964" align="alignright" width="300"] The unassuming house in downtown Steubenville where love is the ultimate weapon used to thwart Satan's abortion designs. You can read mor... More

Cardinal Dolan and other cardinals

Sorry, Cardinal Dolan, but your chances at the papacy are better.

[caption id="attachment_44821" align="alignright" width="350"] +Dolan organizing the Vatican City Cardinals baseball team? They could probably beat the Astros.[/caption] One of Cardinal Dolan's lin... More


“O most blessed light, fill the inmost heart of your faithful.”

"Veni, Sancte Spiritu," Come, Holy Spirit. The sequence from the Mass of Pentecost Sunday invoking the guidance and consolation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It has become a daily meditati... More

Sean Cardinal O'Malley, archbishop of Boston

The simplicity of a Capuchin.

[caption id="attachment_44795" align="alignright" width="316"] Photo: Catholic News Agency[/caption] Much has been written about many of the American papabili over the last few weeks and I don't p... More

Nuns in St. Peter Square

It’s been ~eight years that would fill a lifetime. Where were you when it started?

The legacy of Benedict XVI will grow out of his episcopal appointments and the resignations he accepted with all speed. From his incredibly deep but eminently accessible encyclicals that helped us und... More


WaPo gets the dirt on the potential power struggle with a “Pope Emeritus.” Hilarity ensues.

Oh my. Just call it WaPo's Western Schism That Won't Happen. VATICAN CITY — Two pontiffs, both wearing white, both called “pope” and living a few yards from one another, with the same key aide ... More


Thank You Pope Benedict for the Extraordinary Form Mass

The wild and mysterious ways of God cause a lifetime of wonder. Had you told me ten years ago that I would be serving a Tridentine Mass on the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville the da... More

Cardinals approaching the conclave.

Paging Cardinal Mahony: Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Keith Cardinal O'Brien, archbishop since 1985 of Edinburg and St. Andrews, Scotland, had his resignation accepted by Pope Benedict XVI effective yesterday, weeks before his 75th birthday. What's mo... More

I do hope they exorcise the space before the next Mass.

WARNING: Talk of self-abusive sexual activity in this post. ------------- Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, has a chapel. Mass is offered... More



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