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Tom Hoopes

Tom Hoopes is writer in residence at Benedictine College, in Atchison, Kansas, where he teaches in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department and edits The Gregorian, a Catholic identity speech digest. He was previously editor of the National Catholic Register for 10 years and with his wife, April, of Faith & Family magazine for five. He began his career as press secretary for the U.S. House Ways & Means Chairman and is a frequent contributor to Catholic publications. He lives in Atchison with his wife and nine children. The views and opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Benedictine College or the Gregorian Institute.

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Top 10 Scholarly Tweets About the Body

Live tweeting an academic conference is a strange, self-contradictory thing to do. Creating a top 10 list from the tweets is probably worse. But here I go. Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics and Cult... More

flickr quinn_anya

10 Catholic Cliches (And What They Really Mean)

Friends at Benedictine College and I were translating common sayings by Catholics last week. Add others in the comments if you think of any. 1. When a Catholic says: “I’ll pray about it.” ... More

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Miley, Lady Gaga and the War on Women

After her infamous performance at the VMAs, it was uncertain whether Miley Cyrus would become a cautionary tale or a cultural bellweather. The evidence is in: Miley Cyrus scored a major victory in ... More

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Catholic College Humor

[caption id="attachment_55356" align="aligncenter" width="500"] A sister tests a Mechanical Engineering student's hovercraft at Benedictine College's Discovery Day.[/caption] Ah, college humor. From... More

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Pope Francis’ Plain-Talk Catechism

Rome priest Father John Wauck told some Benedictine College students the other day that when Pope Francis repeats lessons from the Catechism in everyday language, the world is surprised by what amount... More

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Obama’s Legacy: 10 Dubious Firsts

How will Obama’s presidency be remembered? We quickly learn in life that people tend to notice what we actually do more than our self-assessment. Obama’s administration  is one thing in news c... More

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Anti-Science? Fact-Resistant Secular Myths

Religious people are so insistent on our faith-based worldview that we reject scientific fact to preserve our comfortable fiction. Right? That’s the charge that is often made. And it has been tru... More


The Hard Way of Pope Francis

Call it “The Hard Way of Pope Francis.” Here are three major challenges of Pope Francis that I expect hit raw nerves in more Americans than just me. 1. At all costs, follow Christ crucifie... More

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NEWS ALERT! Pope Francis Follows Jesus on Abortion

If people’s minds were blown when they found out that the Pope actually believes the Catechism, imagine how blown their minds are when they figure out that the Pope actually imitates Jesus Christ. ... More


I Work At Our Lady’s College

I work at Our Lady’s college — you know, that college with a long history in the Midwest, a winning football tradition, a memorable fight song, and a beautiful Lourdes grotto that people visit... More



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