Autocam & CatholicVote file lawsuit against Dept. HHS to fight mandate

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Autocam Video – “In Good Conscience” :

What is the HHS Mandate?

When President Obama introduced the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) there was general confusion as to what implications it would have regarding abortions and tax dollars being spent on morally objectionable services. Yet, the situation became worse towards the end of 2011. That is when it became apparent that not only were abortion services going to be covered by the national health care plan, but that in fact all health insurance plans were going to be required to cover sterilization,  abortion-inducing drugs, and other morally objectionable services and medications due to the mandate by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The HHS mandate, as it has become known, was directed by Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. It requires all businesses and organizations (except for a very limited number that are exempt via a very narrow exception) to cover these services. At that point, several organizations filed suit, separate and distinct from the major lawsuit that was upheld this summer by the Supreme Court.

Most employers and Catholic organizations realized that there was no choice but to oppose the mandate on constitutional grounds, as it was morally repugnant to their religious beliefs. Most Catholics believe it is morally unacceptable to comply with the law, and therefore it must be challenged, rather than comply with it.

Fighting Back Against the HHS Mandate:

John Kennedy, CEO of Autocam (Grand Rapids, MI), is one of the brave business owners fighting back against the HHS Mandate. As a Catholic, the things mandated to be covered within the health care plans that John provides his associates are contrary to John’s deeply held religious beliefs. So John, together with CatholicVote, is fighting back.

On Monday, October 8th, 2012, John Kennedy, through the Legal Defense Fund, filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services, and its Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (a Catholic). The purpose of the suit is to compel the court to strike down the mandate as unconstitutional.

John has also filmed a web-video and television advertisement that informs others about this fight. The video is being circulated to national media, will be featured on the website, and will air on television on several stations around the country between now and the election. (See the video below.)

The Origins of the Lawsuit:

Autocam employs over 1500 people world wide, and 680 people in the United States and offers top of the line health insurance that includes no-cost preventative services. Because of the HHS Mandate, John is being forced to choose between violating his Catholic faith by providing the HHS required services in his health plan or dropping coverage from his employees. Neither option is acceptable to John, and that is why he is filing suit.

Autocam Corp. v. Sebelius Resources & Information:

How you can help:

The lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be expensive. We need your help to make sure that John, his associates, and millions of other people across the country aren’t forced by the government to choose between doing the right thing and violating their religious beliefs.

Help us today and do your part to protect religious freedom!

Press & Media Coverage:

This page is dedicated to Autocam’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (Dept. HHS). The HHS Mandate went into effect on August 1st, 2012. The page will be updated as developments occur in the lawsuit, and as new information becomes available.


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  • Sheila Marshall

    Thank you for your courage especially in the face of those who don’t understand how destructive “Obamacare” will become to our individual freedoms and to our children and grandchildren. It is not healthcare. It is a means to gain more economic control as eventually private insurance companies will disappear and our health”care” will be in the hands of the government. ” Mr. Kennedy is truly living out his faith by publicly opposing this “trainwreck” of a plan. My prayers are with you and all other business owners who stand up and fight. Yours in Christ.

  • Thomas Lavis

    You said misinformed but did not explain? What is untrue? If we can not live out our faith and not follow this law then the law attacks our religious freedom. I don’t understand your frustration. You went on with no explanation. Thank you for forwarding the information. Maybe that Congressman will read it and see the truth. Even if you don’t.

  • Georgine

    Dear Mr. Kennedy,

    I am impressed with what you are trying to accomplish & remain hopeful that you will be rewarded in your efforts, if not in this life then in the next.

    Remaining faithfully Catholic,
    I am praying for you !

    God Bless you !

  • John Sanderson

    I just received a copy of your “Help Dismantle ObamaCare” “survey” (and I use that word in the loosest terms possible). Full disclosure: It was sent to my recently deceased brother, but I received it since all his mail comes to me now. I have never seen such a shameful and shameless document proffered, I must assume, in an attempt to propagandize elderly and/or under-informed Catholics and use their responses in an attempt to create “survey” results to provide “definitive proof” that x-number of Catholics are opposed to this law – a law that was passed by the US Congress, signed into law by the President, and found to be “constitutional” by perhaps the most conservative Supreme Court since the Taney Court issued the Dred Scott decision in 1857.

    Section B of your “survey” is entitled: “ObamaCare’s War on Christianity and Morality. Section C is entitled: “ObamaCare’s War on Freedom.” You must be kidding. Also, your attempt to connect President Obama with Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, is beyond reprehensible. Evidently, you thought that my brother would have been as uninformed as some, but I can tell you that he would have trashed this piece of garbage you burdened the US Postal Service with delivering. My brother might not have provided you with the feedback I am giving you, but I will not allow such blatant misrepresentations of fact, and attempts to misinform and PREJUDICE the Catholic public, to pass unchallenged.

    My brother lived in Chicago, and I live in North Carolina. Obviously, you and your fellow travelers have identified NC as a state where a strong effort to misinform a significant segment of the voting public might result in political gain. I’m sure your computer models and consultants (funded by ????) are probably accurate. But let me assure you that your propaganda arrived at the wrong doorstep when it came to me. I believe in honesty, truth, integrity, and fairness. I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this false misrepresentation of facts, presented dishonestly as a “survey,” that is even remotely fair, honest, or worthy of anything other than disdain. My intention is to forward this document to the office of Sen. Kay Hagan (D), along with as significant a donation as I can afford.

    You should be ASHAMED of yourselves. You are USING your 501(c)(4) status, and your self-proclaimed status as a “Catholic-based advocacy organization” to engage in what I consider to be nothing less than “DIRTY POLITICS.” Of course, I realize that I am wasting every keystroke I make, because yours is a “Christian” or “Catholic” organization in name only. There is nothing remotely Christ-like in how you are trying to accomplish your goals. You SHOULD be ashamed, but you won’t be. I can assure you, however, that you have inspired me to do all I can to encourage Sen. Hagan to stand her ground against the ridiculous demands of organizations like yours and your tea party brethren.

    • Joshua Mercer

      Interesting that you bring up Dred Scott, as the Fugitive Slave Act was once the law of the land, too. So was the National Maximum Speed Limit and Prohibition. Some day we’ll add Obamacare to this list.

      • Nicole

        So I assume you voted for Obama with your contentious response. He is no friend of Christians or for that matter Catholics and is changing our country for the worse. We will pray for you.

    • Constance

      Thank you Mr Sanderson for doing your part to help this survey’s purpose:
      1) To Send a strong and clear message to politicians in Washington that America’s Catholics are outraged that our own government has chosen to (a) undermine the traditional, moral, and religious values that made America great; and (b) wage an all-out war against Catholics and all people of faith

      2) To help us mobilize millions of faithful Catholics to make their views known to President Obama and Congress that we demand an end to the persecution of Catholics, and that they respect and abide by our constitutional right to practice our Catholic faith FREE from government coercion and retaliation.

      Yes you! Mr Sanderson, has step to the plate and already have contacted your Hagan to let her know to be very very afraid of the mobilization of the Catholics who will not vote for her and other candidates who have failed to represent their constituents. What is so “dirty” about voicing out loud the cry of the citizens who believe in the constitution? By the way, do you think that your brother is resting in peace to know that you, his kin, have spoken out of line for him? Be very afraid, “whoever has ears ought to hear”.
      Your complacency for not knowing what is happening to the religious freedom that is preciously held in America is now at stake. “whoever has ears ought to hear”… this president is being used as a puppet and he doesn’t know it… very sad history for Americans. My continued prayers to him and all who lack the urgency to understanding .. “whoever has ears ought to hear”. Peace.

  • Sharon Rolek

    Bravo for your courage and fortitude in fighting for our Religious Liberty!

  • aahondo

    health care law is proper and great. over due id say



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