*Awesome* pro-life photo

I think this should be framed and placed in pro-life offices, etc:

“Pro-life: a good fit!”

An Amp reader discovered this image here.



8 thoughts on “*Awesome* pro-life photo

  1. Jul says:

    Are you really wanting people to go to the link for the picture? I wish I hadn’t.

    1. Anna Maria says:


  2. Irishtroubadour says:

    Yea, picture kind of creeps me out. I prefer cute smiling baby pictures. This one seems like it once to cut the foot off, and the off-balance color of the new born does not go well with the white skin of the hand. Just sayn’.

  3. ND Envirochick says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the Website http://www.birthornot.com/, but this couple is having people vote on whether they should give birth or abort. Yesterday it was heavily swung toward give birth, now today it is 70% to abort. This is sickening. Please help by voting for this unborn baby, and by sharing this news with others.

  4. Jane says:


    Any comment on this website that’s been circulating? Just wondering what the Catholic response is and if there’s any more information on whether it’s real or a hoax. And please vote if you haven’t, regardless of it’s authenticity. AMDG

  5. Anna Maria says:

    Is there a collection of these beautiful photos? Some pro-life organization ought to make a calendar and donate proceeds to Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Rachel’s Vineyard. Thanks for posting.

    1. Paul says:

      This isn’t a pro-life image. It’s a photograph of a baby’s foot and a hand. It’s like calling a photograph of a soldier anti-war.

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