B16 on Religious Liberty & Us

This is a helpful highlight reel from Pope Benedict’s recent meetings with U.S. bishops. In particular, pass this part of it onto any and every Catholic you know:

on January 19, Pope Benedict turned his attention to the rapidly changing context in which the Church in the United States must proclaim the Gospel. He conveyed his alarm that the consensus about the nature of morality and the common good that was enshrined in our country’s founding documents  “has eroded significantly in the face of powerful new cultural currents that are not only directly opposed to core moral teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but increasingly hostile to Christianity as such.” These cultural trends, he added, “represent a threat not just to Christian faith, but also to humanity itself.” It is therefore imperative for the entire Catholic community in the United States — not just the bishops, but especially “an engaged, articulate and well-formed laity” — to “realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism that finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres.” You don’t have to be a veteran vaticanista to recognize that he was describing the grave threats against religious freedom and conscience that are being implemented by the Obama Administration and a few like-minded radically secularist state governments.


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  • Francis

    How is the photo of President Obama kissing Ms. Sebilius relevant to this topic? Ridiculous.

  • Alex

    I think it is wonderful that Pope Benedict XVI is encouraging Catholics to open their mouths and get moving. However, I don’t think what he intends by this call is for Catholics to start instituting moral and religious law via the government. The government does not have a place in this equation; we as Catholics have work to do ourselves, and we can’t dump it on our government to force people into morality.

  • Paige

    Lord help us, PLEASE.



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